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2018-11-15 00:19:05 Source: World Chess

Original title: National Chess Individual Competition Day 1: Zheng Weitong Hong Zhi doubles opponent

China chess and card network news On November 13, 2018, "Ruibo Cup" National Men's Individual Chess B First Day War Team, Zheng Weitong Hong Zhi won two consecutive wins, the beginning is good.

The competition is in the quiet and picturesque Anji Merlin Resort. The river in front of the hotel is crystal. When there are fish, the mountains are supported, the bamboo is rich and there is a beautiful landscape of green mountains and green waters.

As the individual contest took over the elimination system, many good players met at Waterloo in the first round of last year and held a "one-day tour" in Shenzhen, while Zheng Weitong, Hong Zhi, Zhao Jincheng, Meng Chen and other strong players start team B this year. Tall buildings from the ground, step by step from the beginning, can be described as extremely difficult and difficult.

This year's individual B's team B used 7 rounds of points, the first 16 rounds after the fifth round, the first 8 rounds after the sixth and seventh round, a total of 32 players went. Men's Team A uses an exclusive game tournament of a game. The draw is selected by successive players and the winner is promoted. If the game is played, the first match is played in the first game and the winner is promoted. If the match is played, the match is added. The draw is selected from the draw, and the winner (and Black Chess wins) progresses. The women's team uses 11 rounds of points to arrange. (Men B: November 13-16, Men's Group A and Women's Team: November 17-23). The game uses 50 minutes plus 30 seconds of slow chess mode.

Zheng Weitong

In the morning, Zheng Weitong took the black war in Jiangxi Deng Zhiqiang shortly after the start, lost the red and the persistent attack was fruitless, solved by Zheng Weitong and eventually became an amazing situation of horses and horses, the power was inequality and red power was not defeated. Hong Zhi is also the backhand to face Weining. At the endgame of the cannon, Hong Zhigong is still very old and the double artillery is equal and has won a horse.

Hong Zi

In the middle of the fight, Zheng Weitong won the battle and both men fought fully in the middle of the game. Zheng Weitong's middle and disability reached the sphere of blowing shadows, dripping water, screwing step by step, relying on many soldiers who won. Hong Zhi's big afternoon continued to rush, and Hunan's teacher Xie Yejun was downgraded.

Others, Meng Chen, Zhao Wei, Wan Chunlin, Luo Ding and others also won two consecutive wins.

On the morning of November 14, 8 "30, the third round of the competition.

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