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2018-12-22 08:44:24 Source: Green Cat

Original name: The first opponent of the National Football Cup is in a hot condition! Lippi must be upset or disagree with the team

It is very close to the opening of the Asian Cup at the moment. The game for the National Football Team is relatively low, and the team has enough time to start training in Qatar. Players will be allowed to enter the game as soon as possible. Find other teams for the warm-up match and then go to the UAE to prepare for the first round of the Asian Cup, which will be held in Kyrgyzstan. Lippi is also very valuable for the performance of this Asian Cup because Italian footballers are still hoping to complete the contract with the Chinese Football Association.

But there is already a bad news for Lippi. On January 7, for the first time, the Asian Cup opponent Kyrgyzstan showed a good situation and defeated Jordan in the warm-up match. We know that Kyrgyzstan has almost no place in the Asian football map, because many Chinese fans have to be ranked after the South Korean team, because the third team has the advantage. Therefore, fans are still very optimistic about the fact that they are the best among the national football teams.

But now look at the situation in Kyrgyzstan that the Jordanian team is not weak, they are also participating in the Asian Cup, because they will pay attention to the team during the warm-up match against the Asian Cup, as we are missing from Kyrgyzstan, the first Asian Cup Asian Cup opponent is really good. This led to pressure on Lippi, because they believed that Lippi won the state of a test for the preparatory work.

At this stage the team's status will be directly affected. The current national football is the power of Kyrgyzstan, especially Zheng Zhi, but it is impossible to disrespect the enemy, which is a military tab.

The ultimate competitor of the national football team is South Korea. Sun Xingyu, who is officially in the Premier League, is less likely to win the Chinese team if the national football team faces Kyrgyzstan and, of course, our national team defeated the Korean team under Lippi's leadership, but eventually was home and lost to the Korean team it was. National football coaches also fled, as the most insured plan for the national football team is to earn the first two wins and get ahead of 16th.

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