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Nuclear Free Nine Core Costs Core i9-9900K Is More Costly? – Intel Core Intel Core


Intel has been able to "ship" the CPU's nuclear display for decades. At present, the Intel Nuclear Display is available on a low-end processor, but it is very unpleasant in the high-end processor, while the NPP maintains many key areas. . Intel has also introduced an unreasonable processor that has no key indicator, but the figure and model are relatively small and there is no wave in the market.

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In the near future, there was a message that Intel would offer a corporate i9-9900KF / i7-9700KF / i5-9600KF / i5-9400F / i3-9350KF / i3-8100F processor and next year will be offering a large number of products. On the website, the Core i9-9900KF / i7-9700KF / i5-9600KF / i5-9400F processor started to be ordered without a nuclear display, but the cost is low, but the Core i9-9900KF can cost up to $ 684, which is basically the best. The obvious Core i9-9900K is more expensive.

Intel's previous non-core processor is still higher than the Core i5-2550K, the speed Core i5-2500K at 100MHz, but this processor is not popular, but some players are available as artifacts, and their colleagues have set up a number of Core i5-2550K platforms.

The state of the 9-core Core processor that does not have a nuclear display may be different, as the previous report will be large, meaning it can be easily processed as a normal Core processor. It is unclear how this Nuclear Generation Core processor came up with a core processor, but this year's Intel 14nm capacity is not guaranteed. Therefore, there are speculations that make non-core core processors nucleus indoors, reduce key areas, increase 14nm potential in hiding, and eliminate enough deficiency problems.

Consumers are most concerned about this non-nuclear nine-generation Core price. A few days ago, at the online stores in Norway and Finland, the order price of the Core i9-9900KF / i7-9700KF / i5-9600KF / i5-9400F processor was leaked. Tomshardware website counts the booking price and is converted to US dollar:

The converted dollar price is not cheap, it is still tax free and the price difference between the two websites is very high. The price of the Finnish Core i9-9900KF is $ 511.26. This price is normal, but the price in Norway is normal. For $ 684 this is more than normal.

It is also valid for ordering prices for several other processors. In Norway the order price is much higher than the market price, and the price of Finland can be accepted. However, the current order price can also be used for fullness and is not accurate. From the planned list – starting from January 3, 2019, Intel should release these processors the next week.

Current 9th and 8th generation Core processor prices

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