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Passing the Xinjiang team to contact Jean Huang's death brother. Is the largest card in or replaced? – Chinese flashlight basket – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-05 22:16:54 Source: Chinese flashlight basket

Original title: Passing the team of Xinjiang to contact Zhanhuang dead smaller brother The biggest card in or changed?

Beijing time on November 5 news, "Beijing Youth Daily" reporter Song Xiang exposed to the social media, took the line show, CBA local group of men's basketball drum Xinjiang is in contact with the former NBA in JJ-Hickson. This means Al Jefferson's location is very unstable.

As the biggest hand for the Xinjiang team this summer, Jefferson is expected to be high. But after joining, Jefferson's performance was disappointing. So far this season, Jefferson, 33, played a total of six races, averaging 23.7 minutes, 11.7 points, 7.8 rebounds and 1.0 assists.

In the sixth round, the Xinjiang team played in Shenzhen and coach Gore abandoned Jefferson in the second half. Finally, the Xinjiang team has completed an excellent overturn. In the 7th round of the Guangdong team, Jefferson did not receive 1 minute of play time. This shows that Jefferson has no future in the Xinjiang team.

Under the new CBA rules, each team in the regular period can be replaced by 4 foreign aids. According to up-to-date sources, before the Xinjiang war began, Xinjiang's team had begun to search for Jefferson's substitute.

The latest news shows that Xinjiang's team is in contact with Hickson. Hickson played in China in 2016 and has played for the Fujian team and the team of colleagues. Among them, at the same time last season, Hickson played a total of 37 games, averaging 36.3 minutes, delivering 29.7 points, 14.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.8 steals and 1.2 blocks .

Hickson has a good personal assault force, but his defense is a short council; additionally, this summer, US media broke the news that Hicks was arrested by the police for burglary.

Hickson, 30, is 2 feet tall. In the NBA 2008, he was selected by Cavaliers in the 19th general selection in the first round. In Cleveland, Hickson had fought side-by-side with LeBron James and O'Neill's "big shark." It is worth noting that Hickson and Anderson Varejao were considered James's two dead brothers.

The current record of the Xinjiang team is 4 wins and 3 losses, ranking the sixth in the ranking.

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