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Serie A – Lu Luo Duo shooting Man Zhu Kechi president 尤 Juve 1-0 win in eight games win in Rome _ Sandro


Serie A – Lu Luo Duo fire Man Zhu Kechi's head 尤 Juve 1-0 win Eight winning winning streaks from Rome

Serie A giants Juventus & # 39; s opposed Roma at home at a Focus on Serie A in the 2018-2019 season at 03.30 in Beijing on December 23rd. In the first half Manjukic hit the head. In the second half Cristiano Ronaldo helped Kosta, but the ball was broken because of a foul for Matuiydi. At the end of the game, Juventus showed three goals in a 1-0 home away match.

Juventus played 183 games with Roma, including Juventus 86 wins, 51 draws and 46 victories, scored 282 goals and lost 196 goals. There are also 168 teams in Serbia, Juventus 80 wins, 40 draws and 39 losses, 261 goals and 179 goals. The last time they played against each other in the Serie A match in May this year, when Juventus scored 0-0 on the road to Rome.

On the 7th minute, Pjanic pulled the free kick from the left and sent the penalty kick to the penalty area, pulling the right lower corner, and Juventus hit the right corner and did not threaten it. In the 8th minute, Desilio scored from outside the penalty area and hit the opponent's defender, Sandro shot Sandro's shot from the penalty area and hit the ball by the goalkeeper. On the 13th minute, Juventus made a free kick for the free kick and did not endanger the free kick. On the 16th minute Sandro passed to the left of the penalty area, and the Roman goalkeeper jumped from the top to go to the ball. On the 18th minute, Sandro left the penalty area and hit his left foot, but he was saved by Olsen. On the 19th minute, Sandro fought in the middle of the penalty area and hit the bottom of the block again. Juventus's right-hand corner, C Ronaldo managed the ball and the ball was higher than the cross. On the 23rd minute Man Jukicin crossed the penalty area on the right side, C Ronaldo hit the back of the ball, hitting the ball.

In the 4th minute, Dibala lifted the penalty area to the penalty area and was taken by Olsen. On the 25th minute Cristiano Ronaldo scored the ball to the left of the front, but Manulas prevented it. On the 27th minute Dibala's right-hand corner was very powerful and Olsen had the ball. On the 32nd minute Sandro shot from the left wing and missed the ball.

On the 33rd minute, C Ronaldo punished the ball on the left side of the penalty area and a little adjustable shot by the goalkeeper.from

On the 35th minute Juventus punished the ball, Desilio found the left foot Manjukee and defeated Manjukic's head and Juventus 1-0.

On the 38th minute Cristiano Ronaldo scored from the left side of the penalty area and scored the ball from the top. In the 40th minute, Enzong Qi scored an old yellow card for Qi Manjuki. On the 42nd minute C Ronaldo hit the ball on the left side of the penalty area and made the ball a long shot.

In the second half of the game, the two sides will fight again. Under the Florenzi, a small Kluivert drove to Rome during the breakdown. 49 minutes into the penalty area on the right side of Kolarov's penalty area was played in Manjukic, but the judge did not say these words. In the 51st minute C Ronaldo hit a shot close to the arch and the ball was higher than the crossbar. On the 55th minute, Sandro punished the ball in the middle of the penalty area. 58. Roma pulled the corner from the left corner and hit the corner. Fazio managed the ball and scored with Szczesny. On the 59th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a header from Pjanic in the middle of the penalty area. Man shot Jukic's shot. In the 60th minute, Dibala pulled out of the left corner and left the corner, C Ronaldo shot, then C Ronaldo shot and wiped it under the ball.

On the 69th minute Matuidi scored from the left side and Juventus struck from left wing on the 70th minute and Chiellini hit the ball but the referee thought he was wrong. In the 71st minute, Juventus replaced Emre-Zan, Pianic, Rome, replacing Perotti Yundale. On the 79th minute, Desilio blocked the bottom of Kolarov's roundabout triangle. In the 80th minute Roma again, Enzong Qi, Dzeko. Juventus replaced Dibala, Douglas-Costa. In the 90th minute, Matuidi punished the ball, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the ball to the right of the ball and crossed the ball, Kosta struck and scored, but after watching the referee, Matuidi was fired by the ball and the goal was not valid. . At the end of the game, Juventus showed three goals in a 1-0 home away match.

Both sides were queued up:

Juventus start: 1-Szczesny, 2-Desileo, 3-Chiellini, 19-Bonucci, 12-Sandro, 5-Pianic (71 & # 23; Emre – Zhan), 14th Matuyidi, 30-Bentancourt, 10-Dibara 80 & # 39; 11-Douglas-Costa), 17-Manjukee, 7-C Luo

Rome: 1- Olsen, 18-Thornton, 44-Manolas, 20-Fazio, 11-Kolarov, 4-Kristante, 42-Enzongzi (80 & apos; 9- Dzeko), 17-Clouddale (72 & apos; 8-Perrotti ), 22-Zaniolo, 24-Florenzi (45 & lt; -3 & gt; Little Kluivert), 14-Hick

Technical statistics on both sides:

Juventus score (Sandro highest):

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