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Steam officially announced the 2018 Steam awards in public. From 20 December to 3 January, players will be able to vote for eight prizes to choose from their favorite games. The grand prize will be announced in February 2019. The following is a list.

The Steam Awards Finalist list left the Jedi Survival nomination for Best in the Year

The nomination for the best game of the year:

Jedi Survival

Monster Hunter: World

Heaven: Saving

Killer 2

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

The nomination for the best VR game of the year:

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim VR Edition


Beat Saber

Radiation 4 VR

Superhot VR

Love nomination:

Dota 2


"Nobody Deep Space"

The road to exile

"Dew Dew"

The Best Environmental Candidate:

"Witcher 3: Wild Hunting"


Tomb Raider: Shadow

Far Cry 5

Dark Soul 3

Lele was no good at all:


"Rainbow Alix: Siege"

Product Day 2

Dawn Killer

"Noisy Kitchen 2"

Best nomination date:

"German Headquarters 2: New Giant"

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Demir and Steel Request 4

Civilization 6

Radiation 4

Nominated for the best mechanical game:

European Truck Simulator 2

Rocket League

Neil: Mechanic cycle

"Alien Factory"

Space Engineer

The Best Candidate:




Rockstar Games

Digital Extremes Ltd. Company Information

Square Enix


Paradox Interactive

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment


Description:The "Best Developer" award is very competitive, and candidates for the top candidates can be compared. Therefore, we have brought this list to 10 people. At the same time, we will not participate in the competition for this award. I sincerely thank everyone for your love, but we know other major growers in Buhar, as Valve does not join the finalists.

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