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Stop selling official drawings to related parties. Electronic Broadcast Media, art investment – 100 million yuan, executed, people responded to mainstream, radio and television station issue – Securities Agenda


Source: Securities Daily

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On December 21, Dianguang Media, the center of publicity, due to "sales drawings," decided to stop art trade with a careful debate with Hunan Radio and Television to avoid misinterpretations and speculation.

In response to various doubts about the market, Dianguang Media Announced also described the art investment. The company has clearly stated: "Artistic has always been one of the company's main activities, and the company has been engaged in craft since 2006. Over the past 10 years, it has invested more than 200 artworks that make up 1.2 billion.

In recent years, Dianguang Media has characterized its core business as "the company has already established four business segments: network, cultural travel, cultural innovation and investment." Includes the investment sector, venture capital, art investment, and new media and investment investment. Wait.

It's not the first sale of art

On December 15, Dianguang Media announced the sale of the famous Yugong Yishan painting to Hunan Radio and Television Station at a price of 208.8 million yuan. According to the announcement, the Hunan Radio and Television, Hunan Radio and Television Integration Reforms is a link between the Hunan Regional Party Committee and the provincial government in the second half of 2018.

Dianguang Media has questioned the profit and loss generated by this related transaction for the fiscal year 2018.

"In fact, the company entered the art investment in 2006 and acquired more than 200 art certificates and invested more than 1.2 billion yuan." Dianguang Media said in an art and "Securities Daily" Reporter.

According to the entry, "Yugong Yishan" is not the first time to sell paintings.

The 2017 annual report shows that the Dianguang Media Foundation is estimated at 1 billion yuan for 3.143 billion yuan for operating art. Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Huang Binhong, Li Keran, Zhang Daqian, Wu Changshuo, Yan Shangyi and other Chinese contemporary painting and line artists and china, furniture and other heavy equipment.

Fu Baoshi's "Du Fu Poetic Intent" and Qi Baishi's "Lang Niu", about 7 times, 10 times, Fu Baoshi's "Minhang", Christie's Hong Kong 2017 Autumn Created on Auction. The artist has the highest turnover record at the 2017 auction, "he said.

According to the data, Xu Beihong's "Yugong Yishan" was founded in 1940 and Dianguang Media purchased 28 million yuan at the 2006 Beijing Hanyhai Autumn Auction.

Dianguang Media Securities's managing director has announced to Securities Gundelik, respectively: "In 2009, we revised the company's charter and officially registered an investment business as one of the company's core activities, so the profit and loss loss is regular and profit and loss is categorized, so art output revenues are not recurring gains and losses. "

Surprise is not a sale

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