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Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, US electric car maker Muske said the company would delay the delivery of the car and compensate the car owner for damages if the owner did not lose tax privileges.

Tesla's CEO, Tesla, says the company has delayed the delivery of the vehicle and has lost its owner's tax privilege. Tesla will pay compensation for his loss.

According to the tax reform legislation of the US Congress last year, the first 200,000 vehicles in each car factory can benefit from tax cuts, and tax cuts will be reduced by 50% every six months.

Earlier this year, Tesla, according to the agreement, said that the electric car owner had received a $ 7,500 tax privilege on October 15 and December 31, and that since January 2019, it has been reduced to $ 3,750.

Recently Tesla's electric vehicle owners have complained that they were unable to obtain tax concessions on December 31, because they were delayed in delivering Tesla, and they did not receive a response when Tesla asked.

Maska responded to a social media correspondence Saturday that Tesla promised to deliver the car before December 31, but would compensate the company's owner for damages if he did not fulfill his promise.

Musk said that all owners who ordered the Model3 could buy a car by the end of the year.

Model3 China's sales price was 7.6%

Tesla reduced its pre-sold Model 3 price by 7.6% in China.

China's Tesla Company website says that the Model3 long-lived battery dual-motored wheel version is 4.9 million yuan (about RM300,000) up to 540,000 yuan (RMB, below, RM330,000), down 7.6%, with a high performance full speed has dropped by 5.9% to 560,000 yuan from 595,000 yuan.

Model3 is an electric vehicle with a lower price.

The State Council's Customs Tariff Commission has announced this month to halt tariffs for car and parts from the United States within three months. Tesla's Chinese website has announced earlier that two electric vehicles, Model S and Model X, will downgrade to 11%.

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