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The Third Debate to Implement the Spirituality of the Central Business Business Conference – Achieving Important Strategic Opportunities, Making Progress and Difference


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 23 Issue: Achieving Significant Strategic Opportunities During Difficult Work and Prowess – Third Debate to Implement the Spirit of the Central Economic Conference

Xinhua News Agency commentator

The Central Business Economic Conference stressed that China's development is still a long-term and important strategic opportunity. At a very crucial moment, the solemn statement indicates that the Central Committee of the party, accompanied by Xi Jinpin, gained a great tendency and provided the superior wisdom and strategic strength of common development, and it is extremely important to purge the thinking, strengthen the development consensus, and rely on winnings. The meaning.

"Good players are looking for opportunities." Historical telescopes can deeply understand the essence and general condition of the past to learn from the past and to come to the future, to see the clouds, and to define the historical trend. The world today is undergoing a major change over the course of a century, the uncertainty of instability is progressive, and the international and local environment has undergone deep and complex changes. However, the general tendency, in general, has not changed the basic provisions of the Chinese development during the critical period of time, and the time and situation are on our side.

From the international perspective, peace and development are still the topic of the matter; it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation to solve world problems. The general tendency of economic globalization has not been restored, a new phase of scientific-technological revolutions and industrial revolutions has rapidly evolved. The tendency of peace co-operation, openness, innovation and change is progressing in today's world, and nobody can stop it. From the domestic perspective, after the establishment of the new China, in particular the continuing struggle for reform and the opening of the 40-year history, China's development has a solid foundation, China has great economic potential, strong sustainability and long-term basis. In terms of China's relations with the world, China has an increasingly important role in global governance. China's broad market has great opportunities for all countries. China's development can not be separated from the world, and China's prosperity needs China.

The situation is clear and victimization is over. We should not only see that China's development is a crucial period in terms of strategic opportunities, but also to see a combination of the era and the crisis, to understand a new understanding of the important strategic capabilities, to gain momentum, to work and to develop a new era of China. Pressing a new height.

Get new opportunities to accelerate the optimization and improvement of the economic structure. As the main line, we seek to comply with unscrupulous structural reforms, to consolidate, reinforce, correct and correct eight words, accelerate the transformation of the industrial structure and development regime, strengthen the quality of development and create a new situation.

Get new opportunities to increase the capability of scientific and technological innovation. Solve independent innovation, open the door to innovation, concentrate on completing key technologies such as basic technology, and endeavor to innovate and engage in development with their own hands.

To open new opportunities for deepening and opening the reform. With the deepening of reforms, we will eliminate institutional and institutional barriers, liberate innovations, ensure viability, and force the relevant reforms, expand the gap through pressure change and accelerate the promotion of high-quality economic development.

Get new opportunities to accelerate green growth. Take the ecological priorities and the green growth path, strengthen environmental culture, deepen international cooperation, and make a profound change in production methods and consumption patterns, benefit people and the world, and gain more space for future development.

Open up new opportunities to participate in the transformation of global economic governance. To support the creation of a fair, streamlined and transparent international economic and trade system, work closely with the world economy and the multilateral trading system to work with countries and promote common prosperity and development.

Doomsday and Difficulties, Yu Yu Yucheng. There has never been a smooth sail on China's path of development. It is not difficult to have difficulties and difficulties, to deal with major problems and to be good at transforming into crises. In hard times we will continue to develop new worlds. Strengthen our strength, protect our strength, implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee on economic activity, protect our strength, put a decisive foundation for the completion of a comprehensive organization of a good society, and celebrate the 70th jubilee of New China with remarkable achievements.

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