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Original name: You have a game! Although Solskjaer was only a player coach, Manchester United led him.

Today, the head coach of Manchester United, actor Solskjaer, has played a friendly match against Cardiff City. When asked by reporters, the Norwegians did not answer exactly if the Red Devils would get a good result after six months, officially becoming a team coach. Solskjaer said he was the most important thing that Manchester United would be helping to get back on track. As the official coach of Red Devils, he said he had not met Manchester United's top management.

After the disintegration of Mourinho, Manchester United's leaders have found it difficult to find a suitable candidate in the short run, especially as Zidane's big name coaches have no intention of managing Manchester United. It is naturally more difficult to find a world-class coach on the ground. But Manchester United can not accept the team to find a coach for their supporters. So, in the meantime, Manchester United chose the former hero of the team Solskjaer as the team's coach, which can be said to be two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, the arrival of Solskjaer can stabilize Manchester United, but on the other hand, as a worthy player in the past Manchester United, Norway plays an important role in the minds of Red Devil supporters, even though they are not a world-class marshal but as a team, the temporary coach will probably get the Red Devils supporter and will provide enough support to Solskja. This does not allow fans to blame, but also allow them to take the ring.

Although Solskjaer can not predict his destiny six months later, one thing is clear: if he really can lead the Red Devils to record more than expected, then Manchester United will be the official coach, you can say Zidane Real Madrid is a worthy name, as it is in danger of coaching.

To allow Solskjaer to achieve good results, Manchester United has chosen to break Mourinho with Christmas Eve, who did not hesitate to become a bad man. Manchester United's next match, Solskjaer's opponents are not as strong as the Red Devils after they came to office. If the team succeeds in gaining momentum, it will earn five games in each event, even in a longer company. Victory is possible.

It may be seen that Manchester United actually wanted the team's official coach, Solskjaer. The reason for the club's signing a six-month contract with Solskjaer is to create a more comfortable environment for her. The victory of Manchester United, the team's situation is fluctuating. If Solskjaer was an official trainer, he would not be able to escape the fate of the class until he went to the Red Magic Administration to turn the winter season. So, in order to allow the team to account, Manchester United temporarily gave Solskjaer a temporary coach title. When the Red Devils have a reborn performance in the creation of Solskjaer, the Norwegians will be the official coach of Manchester United, and who else will ask?

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