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Wu Lei has 27 goals without a ball. The last round has a great record to break.


Original title: Wu Lei has 27 goals without a ball. The last round has a great record to break.

The Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 7, 2018, on the hitting of Shanghai, Wu Lei conquered the Super League league trophy and his teammates immersed in the great joy of winning the championship.

This is a time that belongs to Shanghai and belongs to the era of Wu Lei.

In this night game against Beijing and the team, the second half of the second half kicked off, Wu Lei rewrote the score to 2-0 for Shanghai. The champion is already in his hands and personally also renewed 12-ball of local player Li Jinyu for 12 years.

What is even more rare is that Wu Lei, who is only 27 years old and 27 years old, has finally won the "native" word after becoming the best local shooter for five consecutive years, making him the real champion of over-shooting. In the case of the last round of the Super League, scored 27 goals and led Changchun Yatai striker Ihalo 6 goals. It's just a matter of time before the crown champion.

In recent decades, the Super League Shooter Wang was a "patent" for foreign aid. The last local player to win this prize is Li Jinyu in 2007. He won the top scorer in the Super League in 2006 and 2007 for two consecutive years. Since then, the sniper king has become a world of foreign aid. In recent years, with the addition of many powerful foreign helpers, it seems that local players have become "dreams".

Today, Wu Lei makes dreams a reality!

In the year 2018, Wu Lei set a record: the total number of goals scored overtaking Han Peng, Hao Haidong and other famous places, overtaking Han Peng to make the history of the Chinese Premier League striker, the number of goals in the Super League is broken … It took only 6 seasons.

Since the 2013 season, the Super League has been the first to score, 15 goals in the 2013 season, 12 goals in the 2014 season, 14 goals in the 2015 season, 14 goals in the 2016 season, 20 goals in the 2017 season. Wu Lei's performance was very steady. This season, under Pereira, with Oscar and Hulke turning to help double-double mode, Wu Lei, who was back in the middle of the road, started an explosive moment.

The main point is that Wu Lei not only scored more goals, but helped the team at significant moments. It is no exaggeration to say that Wu Lei feels a bit of a "fourth foreign aid" in Shanghai. In the two rounds of the match with the Guangzhou Evergrande team, he opened the door to win the team with a flash in less than a minute at home. In the final round of the away match, "The Tianwangshan Battle" scored a goal in the 2: 3 back, and eventually helped the team to kill the opponent.

Even more shocking is that Wu Lei had no penalty for the 27 goals. From this perspective, in fact, Wu Lei had the opportunity to create a new record. In the 27th round and Luneng's game, he did a penalty twice, but did not punish him personally, he must know that his goal is 25 at that time. One. As he said, the most important task is not to get gold boots, but to help Hong Kong win the championship. If there is no champion, the gold boots will lose meaning.

Today, the champion is already in the bag, Wu Lei has a "project": the top scorer in the history of the Super League is 28 goals of Erskson. Today, Wu Lei is one step away from this record. There is yet another round in the championship and still has the chance to create a new story.

In the future, either in the club or in the national team, the young Wu Lei has even more history to create. This Chinese striker, who has been selected twice for the Asian footballer's list, is expected to be re-elected this year. If the Super League champion, the AFC champion and the national teams are considered different steps, Wu Lei has already started at the first level. In the heart of Chinese fans, they expect more than one league title for the man to become the champion's top scorer.

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