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Xinhua Net – a new miracle, reforming and ending up


This year marks the 40th anniversary of reforms and opens. December 18, 40 years ago, our Party carried out the Third Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee and opened a major reform trip and its opening. After the 40-year struggle, it became very bright and bright. In the history of the party, the history of the People's Republic and the history of the Chinese people wrote a rich and colorful episode. Secretary-General Xi Jinping deeply summarized the party's and country's great achievements and valuable experiences during the 40th anniversary of the celebration and opening of reforms organized by the Party Central Committee, and praised the outstanding contributions of the Chinese people to the reform and its opening. Zheng Zhong announced that the reform and opening will be loyal and clear only when the progress is not complete, and the reform and opening will always be on track. This is clearly reflected in the continuation of the deepening of reforms, the expansion of the opening and the continuation of the reform and the opening up of the new era. It provides a programmatic instruction for the implementation and implementation of reforms.

History always gives people the ability to gain wisdom and to act in specific years. Looking at the path of the 40th anniversary of the reform and the opening of the reform, we can clearly see that the Chinese Communist Party has passed through the glorious eastern legend of the Chinese people and a Chinese that led to national youth. The road. The establishment of the Communist Party of China, the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the promotion of and the opening of the reform, and the sociological reasons of China's characteristics are three major milestones in China since May 4, and are three key milestones in the modernization of the Chinese people. In ancient times, the Qing dynasty threatened the world powers and again and again defeated, the properties of the soil were repopulated, and the herbaceous crops were split, while China gradually became a semi colonialist and semi-feudal society. "40 thousand people cry and the Chinese world runs away." Numerous good people are asking: Is China running? The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, the Western Movement Movement, the Reform Movement and the Boxer Rebellion Movement in 1898, the Chinese people shouting in the dark, re-bouncing, rebuilding and re-entering. The fact that the 1911 Revolution was brought to the Manchu Dynasty, due to its incompleteness, shows that "the inferiority of the inferior head and the poor purchase of a fraudulent republic" ultimately shows that Chinese professionals have been "utterly indebted" historically desperate. The October Revolution, a ball, sent Marxism-Leninism to China and pointed to the direction and made a new choice for the Chinese who were struggling to find a way out. When the Chinese Communist Party was established, Marxism wrote on its flag. He was the principal representative of his Chinese communist wife, Mao Zedong, and built up the people's new democratic revolution and the socialist revolution, the main social system of the People's Republic of China, and made a difficult exploration of socialist construction for modern China. All development and progress have laid the foundations for political and institutional foundations. However, there is no precedent to set up socialism in China's backward social and historical context. As it has not yet been visited by a climbing mountain, it must always curl and turn and lead and lead. Our research has been successful, there has been a failure and even a serious problem like the "Cultural Revolution". The level of economic development in China and the gap between the world is bigger and bigger and people are unable to access food and clothing. "Where is China going?" The question re-sounds.

In 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee of the Party was once again a spring thunderstorm that swept the Chinese land. Over the past 40 years, we have been courageously tested and raised ourselves, from rural areas to cities, pilots, from comprehensive economic reform to various institutional reforms, to internal and external development, to some areas. The area is open to the outside world in many levels and in large areas. As a principal representative of the Chinese communist comrade Deng Siaoping, they decided to move the party and state business centers to the economic structure and to implement and reform and to create a successful sociology with Chinese characteristics. Chinese Communists, as the principal representative of the communist Jiang Zemin, set up a fundamental framework for reform and socialist market economy, created and launched a new reforming situation and successfully dismantled socialism with Chinese characteristics in the twentieth century. Chinese Communists, as a keynote speaker with Hu Jintao, emphasized the continuity of human-centered, comprehensive, co-ordinated and sustainable development, encouraged the Party's ability to manage and develop the nature, and with a Chinese historic starting point, built. A great awakening and revival of this reform caused the great structure of our party to evolve from the theory. China successfully implemented a major historical turning point, from a highly-planned planned economic system to a dynamic socialist market economy system, until it is semi-closed until comprehensive opening, which stimulates the viability and vitality of development.

Since the 18th National Congress Congress, the Party Central Committee, together with his wife, Xi Jinping, has set up a broader deepening reform with great political courage and wisdom and self-revolutionary spirit. The overall goal is to strengthen systemic, unified and synergetic reforms, focus on key institutional innovations, and focus on improving people's achievement, happiness and security. We will continue to see unprecedentedly deeper reforms and over 1,600 reforms. How many bones were crushed, how many princesses and shoals were split, and that reform had a comprehensive force, more than one advancement, stable hooves and deeper advancement. Socialism with a number of historical achievements and historical changes has entered a new era with Chinese characteristics. . After the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the main reason for the thorough revision of the reform and the great achievements of the opening was Xi Jinping's wife, Xi Jinping, with the leadership of the Central Committee of the Party and the Chinese leadership of Xi Jinping as a scientific leader in the new socialism era. Secretary-General Xi Jinping, head and reform leader, opens in a new era.

Over the last 40 years, under the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the great social revolution of reform and the opening has brought China's economic power, scientific and technological strength, national defense power and comprehensive national power to the world and promoted unprecedented development of China's international status. The appearance, the face of the people, the faces of the army, and the face of the Chinese people have undergone unprecedented changes. China is now the world's second-largest economy, the largest producer country, the largest country in commodity trade, the second largest country in commodity consumption, and the second largest country in foreign investment. China's contribution to world economic growth is close to one-third! The Chinese people have taken decisive steps to become rich and strong. Hunger and hunger problems, food and clothing shortages and difficulties drowned thousands of our people. China is moving closer to the scene of the world scene and becomes a well-known founder of world peace, which contributes to global development and becomes a global defender! Practice shows that the right to reform and open one way is to strengthen the country and to enrich the people. The Revolution and the Revolution of the New Revolution have successfully opened the path of sociology through the features of the Chinese, and the irrefutable truths emphasize the truth of Chinese reality, which can only be developed by socialization.

The 40-year experience has completely demonstrated that since our Party's Third Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee of the Party, our party has united and guided the paths, theories, systems and cultures of China with the Chinese characters that were open to all nations by the people. The main theory and the fundamentals of the party were formed. The tough and basic strategy is completely true, the 40-year experience proves that China is a successful nation, because it is a powerful force for promoting a large number of developing countries, a bright future, peace and development, and that humanity is a Chinese nation. The greatest contributor to the 40 years of civilization's evolution proved to be an important magic weapon for reform and re-emergence of the party and the people over time, the only way to support and develop socialism with Chinese features and to lay the fate of modern China. I decided to achieve the "two hundred years" goal and become the basis for the great young people of China.

Over the past 40 years, their achievements have not dropped from the sky and are not forgiven by others; on the contrary, all nations and nations have worked hard, hardworking, and courageous! We are proud and proud of the Chinese people who created the miracle of humanity! Over the last 40 years, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to storm the Chinese people, overcome the difficulties, explore and work. We crossed the water and faced hurricane and storm, and we encountered "price barriers" in the dual traffic system. The "slowing tension" of the reform of the atypical pneumonia epidemic was also tested by the Wenchuan earthquake, faced with the challenges of economic transformation and faced storms in the outside world. We learned how to swim in swimming, the impact of the revolution never diminished, and the new footprints were never stagnant, making it a long-lasting ancient country, leaping back from time to time, holding periods and taking time.

Secretary-General Xi Jinping, we have accumulated our valuable experience by looking at this 40-year reform and opening. It has made a systematic and comprehensive summary: we must support the leadership of all parties in the party and keep the leadership of the party strong and constant, and keep it as a center of the people. We must remain committed to the leading position of Marxism in order to make people live in a better life, and in practice we must continually improve theoretical innovations, follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and cultivate and develop Chinese societies, and cultivate and develop China . The socialist system with its features will continue to strengthen and strengthen China's institutional supremacy, we must continue to develop as a priority and continually improve China's overall national power, continue to expand its openness, and stick to the building of a human society in a strict and serious manner. we have to follow. It is necessary to increase the creativity, unity and effectiveness of the party, to follow the world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism and to regulate the relationship between reform, development and stability. The precious spiritual riches of the party and the people are not a deeply illustrated summary of our successful experience in the past, but also a fundamental explanation for the new era of reforms and a new era, in the new era of the development and development of socialism with the Chinese features. should be continued for a long time and in practice always enriched and developed.

Wind Pengin, forty years of shock waves, raises 90,000 miles. Today, with the Chinese features, socialism entered a new era, and reform and discovery entered a new era. The best memory of history is to create a new history. The 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party has set higher targets for China's development, and has provided a strategic agreement to build a good society for modernization and modernization, and has given China an idea of ​​the Chinese people's great rejuvenation. The strongest sound. Reform and opening have passed thousands of miles but still need to cross the mountains. Now, when reforming and opening up into critical times and deep water, the ship is more ugly and the people are more upright. The more difficult it is, the more difficult it is, the more difficult it will be, the less difficult it will be. If it is not possible, the previous mission from the whole party and people of all nations is even more glorious, the task is more difficult, the problem is worse, and the job is bigger. In the past, our achievements were proud and we are proud of being behind. We will implement the reforms and we can create a new miracle after the end. We have no choice, we owe it, we are crucified.

Implementation of reform, end to end, and a great new miracle, deep roots of history and the strong support of the soul and the people. The Chinese people have a great dream, and the Chinese people are full of revolution and clarity. This spirit has transformed Chinese civilization into just fine civilization in human history for more than 5000 years, and will continue to move the Chinese nation towards a more advanced spirit of the future. Faith, faith, and faith are extremely important. The belief in Marxism, the Chinese character and the belief in socialism and the Chinese dream of the Chinese people's great rejuvenation are powerful moral forces that support and support the Chinese people, to be rich and powerful. In a long history of the modern era, the Chinese people had many hardships, paid much sacrifices, and worked hard. The powerful energy that the Chinese people and Chinese people had accumulated in the historical process completely burned, providing a lasting power for the Chinese people's great rejuvenation.

It is important to use the successful history of reform to reform and implement reforms and to create a new miracle, to open and maintain the right direction of reforms. The quest for happiness for the Chinese people and reviving the Chinese people constitutes the first heart and mission of the Chinese Communists and the first heart and mission of reform and re-opening. Our dear compatriot is more appropriate, focusing on the immediate needs of the people, sharing the fruits of reform and development, more and more direct and more profitable sources, happiness and security. . Value determines the future and determines the fate of destiny. The Chinese way of socialism is a great way to capture time and develop time for modern Chinese. What needs to be changed and how should it be based on whether the social system should be perfected and developed with Chinese characteristics, to improve the national management system and management capacity, reform and reform should be resolutely resolved, and should not be changed or replaced. It does not really change. The liberation and development of social productive forces and the comprehensive national power of socialist countries are the basic requirements and main tasks of socialism. It is important to pay attention to the solution of the main contradiction between the growing needs of a better life and the development of the unbalanced development, and to keep the center of the economy intact, and the development should be a lasting development and developmental science. Strategic thinking of high-quality development is consistently implementing the concept of innovation development, coordination, green, open and shared and sustainable and healthy development of the economy and society. Openness leads to progress, and closure is a challenge. We must support the flag of peace, development, cooperation and victory, and encourage the establishment of new international relations of cooperation on mutual respect, justice, justice and prosperity. We have to focus on building the "Bridge and Road", and we work with all sides to build a new platform for international cooperation and have given a new impetus to the overall development of the world.

We must be able to carry out the reform and to open up to the end and to support the general leadership of the party in order to create a great miracle, follow the guidance of scientific theories and follow correct scientific methods. Every stage of reform and opening is not easy, in the future we face such risks and even face unexpected storms. Party, government, and people's affairs, East, West, Middle East, the Middle East, the party are leaders in everything. The main principle that the party and the country's future and fate will support in the party's leadership is that all party ideological consciousness, political consciousness and conscious behavior should be maintained at high levels. The key role of the party is to strengthen the "core of the party" by maintaining the core of the party in order to maintain the party's central position, to centralize and unify its leadership, to give full play to the overall situation of the party and co-ordinate the parties. The key role of the party is to continuously improve the orientation of the party, to plan the overall situation, to build policies and reform, and to ensure that the reform and launch ship will continue in the right direction. The development of the practice never ends and there is no end to the idea of ​​the mind. Over the past 40 years, we have remained loyal to theory and practice, have timely responded to questions of time and people's questions, ceased the development of practice, and cleared the flames of characteristic ideas, and have uncovered great development experience and advanced Marxism. In the new era we have to implement the reforms and finish and create a new miracle. We need to follow Xi Jinping's leadership with the Chinese characteristics of the new era of socialism and continue to pursue the major cause of reform and the triumph of victory. China is a great country and we should not make provocative mistakes in fundamental issues. We must adhere to the world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism and correctly control the link between reform, development and stability. We have to be courageous to be the best in the world, and at the same time we have to be active and persistent, steadfast and enduring, to stabilize and consolidate the reform and development so that in the same way the road is not biased and that power is not reduced, stopping the reform and opening up in the new era. Go to more.

It is a relief to carry out reform and to open up to the end and to create a great miracle. The history of the ax is now in the hands of our descendants. When I do not wait, I will fight for the day. Xi Jinping's inauguration of the new Sociological era with Chinese characteristics, forgetting his first heart, taking care of his mission, eternal struggle and unparalleled incitement and a new era, together with the Party Central Committee, To be closer to the Central Committee. Create a new and bigger miracle of Chinese people and create a great and wonderful miracle that is striking to the world!

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