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You fight Aiteng: this year's drama has not seen, next year's new drama is on the way – News – Global Trade Starts Here Free


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In 2018, the film has not even seen the new content coming back in 2019. What does the audience want to see in the endless movie list? This problem is not only confused by the audience, but also the video site that purchases the movie is also confused.

The drama will find new people to fly in the streets and the old bones will also hit the streets. Many of the contents that are scheduled to explode are reversed into "poisonous cakes" after their broadcast. All of this makes video websites more careful in the next round of selection.

After the new Tencent video on November 8th, the content of the new film by You Ai Teng in 2019 has been completely unveiled. These include 185 episodes and 84 variations. With so many episodes and variety presentations, what are the audiences available for? What is the logic of creating or buying videos?

Episode: The cosmopolitan female host heats up

The battle of Ai Ai Teng: This year's drama has not yet seen, the next year's new drama is already on the road.

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For the film and television industry, 2018 is a year of change, and waves of capital and politics have ruined the whole industry. In such an environment, even if you rely on BAT's Aiyouteng, you need to be more careful when choosing a project.

Based on the relative political orientation and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening, by comparing the four basic issues of costume, youth, fantasy and distress in 2018, You Ai Teng launched a large number of dramas on urban reality in 2019. The costume drama series is relatively compressed, especially costume drama.

In the new dramatic costume of iQiyi, "New White Snake Legend" and "Lu Ding Ji" are classic redevelopments, "Thousands of Doors", "Shenqi Wonderland Unparalleled Beads", etc. Costumes "Biography" and "Song of Chaos" are all projects that have been completed or put into production.

Youku also showed the same situation. There are very few dramatic dramas in Youku in 2019. Last year, Kyushu and Chang Twelve Hours were released last year with the three Muxi Huaxiu Jinxiu Drama Costumes, Da Ming Wang Shuo "and" Emperor Industry ". After the project, the new opening has not been put into production of the dress drama, only "Eternal King" and the order of the "Zanghai Xilin" tombs.

Only Tencent is different. At the Tencent Video V Vision Conference in 2019, Tencent first introduced the drama costume "Kyushu · Zhuzhu Lady". Not only that, but Tencent also launched 12 dramas costumes including "Biography", "Yan Yuntai" and "Feng Yu". This move is really rich in economic background during the cold winter of the film and television capital.

The battle of Ai Ai Teng: This year's drama has not yet seen, the next year's new drama is already on the road.

▲ Yang Mi brought a new project "Kyushu · Zhuzhu Lady" to the 2019 Tencent Video V Vision Conference. (Source: Tencent)

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