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Centro Democrático appoints candidates for mayor of Bogota – Bogota


Bogota spokesman Samuel Hoyous and Senator Paloma Valencia are part of the pre-candidate package targeting the May 2019 elections for the mayor of Bogota.

This was confirmed by Hoyos to EL TIEMPO after last Tuesday at a meeting of his team, senator and top leader of the Democratic Center Álvaro Uribe mentioned his name and that of senator Valencia as candidates from this movement to get to the palace of Livanos.

"I thought he was very generous from Uribe, I did not expect it. At the meeting I emphasized my human, academic and professional qualities, for me it is pride, said Chaos. "And, yes, I am interested in participating in the fight, it is a dream to be the mayor of Bogota."

At the political meeting, former President Uribe did not reward Partner Paloma Valencia, with whom he held strong leadership in the Senate and created intense debates within and outside this place: "Paloma Valencia is one of the most important of the country," said exmandatario.

From beginning, the spokesman said that his candidacy would not be given in a specific way but that in his collegial body he would seek a similar selection mechanism which was then used to elect the then presidential candidate Ivan Dweller (now President of the Republic). In this case, workshops were held so that the offices present their proposals and ideas, and then a survey was conducted in the Democratic Center.

We must come along with the votes (2019), without vanity and find common ground, to avoid giving elections like that left by mayor Gustavo Petro (2012)

"We have not yet defined the mechanism of choice, but the idea is that by April 2019 we already have one candidate. Then we would seek convergence with parties such as the Conservative, the Radical Change, and even the Phileleftheros, "Hoyus warned.

"Well, we have to meet, without vanity and to find common ground, to avoid giving elections like the one that left Gustavo Petro as mayor (2012)".

Hoyos received 40,557 votes in the last elections for Congress, which made him one of the five representatives of the House for Bogota of the Democratic Center. In turn, Valencia achieved 29,319 votes for the Senate (national constituency).

These names will include those of consultants Diego Molano and Ángela Garzón (daughter of former Vice-President Angelino Garzón), also of the Democratic Center.

Apart from this community, so far in 2018 they have also expressed an interest in reaching the mayor's personalities such as Claudia López and Antonio Navarro Wolff (both from the Green Alliance) and the former Bogotá Government Secretary Miguel Uribe, among others.

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