Tuesday , May 30 2023

Colombia opens against Canada at World Women's U17


The U17 Colombian national team chairs this Wednesday at the Uruguay World Cup in its fourth round of the competition, which brings together the 16 best teams from the five continents.

The primary goal, after arriving as a South American sub-champion, is to overcome the team round, which was elusive for the country: New Zealand in 2008 was 13th, Azerbaijan-2012, 11th and Costa Rica- 2014, 16 °.

To achieve this, the coach recognized Didier Luna at a press conference, they have to overcome the nerves of the players "when they face so strong competitors, but with the support of all we will move on."

The general said it was a big event for women's football in Colombia, "which is underway and has limited international competition."

The first opponent will be the whole of Canada, this afternoon (5:00 pm) at the Charrúa stadium in Montevideo. Then come Spain (Saturday) and South Korea (November 21st), who have already won a world champion, respectively, which is the demanding test.

The archer Michell LugoHowever, in his statements at Winsport, he pointed out that despite the trajectory of these opponents, the field is where everything is defined and is expected to be offered as much as possible.

"We analyze the size, but in the fight and with football we can overcome everything, these are not appearances or names."


Colombia has faced Canada twice in this tournament, with a draw (1-1) in 2008 and a defeat (2-1) in 2012.

Statistics show that the Tricolor team has played 9 games in the U-17 World Cup, with a return of 18.5% as a result of a triumph (4-0 in Azerbaijan in 2012), 2 draws (Denmark and Canada, and 1-1 in 2008) and 6 defeats (New Zealand 3-1 in 2008, Canada 1-0 and Nigeria 3-0 in 2012, Mexico 4-0, Nigeria 2-1 and China 3-1 in 2014).

Canada played in the five releases and their numbers showed him as the eighth ranquin thanks to his 18 games (6 wins, 6 draws, 6 bugs) that gave an overall performance of 44.4%.

His best positions were in New Zealand-2008 and Azerbaijan-2012, seventh. In Trinidad and Tobago in 2010 (10th), Costa Rica-2014 (8th) and Jordan-2016 (9th) were again wild.

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