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Honorary funeral of Javier Giraldo Neira the "Dean" was in Manizales – Sports


The honorary distinctions of the "quaestor" of journalism were in the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of Rosario.

Javier Giraldo Neira

Javier Giraldo Neira worked at the radio stations Caracol, Todelar and now at the RCN. In the press, he was sports editor of the newspaper "La Patria" and he also founded "Nuevo Estadio".


Ramón Andrés Salazar Vallejo

November 9, 2018, 6:08 pm

The coffin of Javier Giraldo Neira arrived at 2:40 in the afternoon in the emblematic Cathedral of Manizales, where his family, communications and fans of the "dean" of football met to give him the final goodbye.

The temple was full and Giraldo Neira's legacy was recognized. The administrative authorities of the districts, the municipal and the Colombian Union of Sport Journalists Caldas Regional (Acord) have issued regrets about the death of the communicator.

"The truth is that it is the loss of the great reporter of sports journalism in Manizales, Caldas and Colombia, the most enlightened man with the greatest visibility he has ever had and which should be the example for future generations of sports journalism Colombia" said the president of the Caldas Regional Agreement, Gabriel Fernando Cárdenas.

The innocent body of the commentator was transferred to a monument where his incineration began at 5:31 pm.

Ramón Andrés Salazar Vallejo

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