Tuesday , May 30 2023

I charge EPM for Hidroituango will be month to month: Pérez


At the start of the book on the alleged constructive mistakes of Hidroituango, the governor Luis Pérez He said the bill that will charge the EPM for megaproject delays will amount to $ 4 billion if the project lasts four years to produce energy.

In the book, 313 pages and the author of Perez himself, it does not seem the study of the National University on which the governor was based to base his 8 observations on the great work. "This report, which is 600 pages, will be delivered next week," the president said.

On 1 October Pérez reported the alleged mistakes in Hidroituango, such as defects in the construction of two diversions tunnels, the construction of auxiliary deflection, the deflection of the third diversion tunnel, the failure to close the first two tunnels, an error in disclosure of the first two tunnels and the negative impact of explosives on the stability of the mountain.

At the same time, on 17 October, the Board of Directors of Hydraulic Ituango S.A. submitted to EPM a claim for fines for violation of constructive landmarks in the project. The first account, corresponding to October, was for $ 16,000 million.

The EPM claim (partner and developer of the project) is, according to the government, given 4 of the 10 milestones included in the work schedule that are not completed in time, such as completion of the dam, regular tank filling and the beginning of the generation .

For each day of delay of a landmark, 150 minimum legal wages ($ 117 million) have to be paid, Pérez explained.

The chairman stated that he would deposit the corresponding monthly invoice with which he intended to make the guarantee granted by EPM to the Boomt (financing, construction, operation and maintenance) effective.

Perez said the penalty clause contained in the Boomt Convention provides for a maximum fine of $ 450 million ($ 1.43 billion). This was added to the loss of profits for non-energy production, the president concluded.

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