Wednesday , May 31 2023

More than 2,900 Peruvians died of diabetes in 2017


In Peru, 2,950 people died diabetes in 2017, according to his information Inter-American Health Organization (PAHO)said RPP News's president Peruvian Diabetes Association (Adiper), endocrinologist Jorge Calderón.

Among the reasons why the Peruvians continue to die diabetes there is population growth in major cities. The immigrant population adopts the harmful lifestyle of cities.

"About 50 years ago about 30% of the population lived in a rural area. Today, 95% live in urban areas. This brings about changes in the lifestyle of the Peruvians, "Calderón explains.

Among these changes we find that most of the adult family members are working. Their immediate attitude forces them to consume fast food based on soft drinks, fried foods and food with a high carbohydrate level.

Since most adults are away from home for the longest time, children have no one to accompany them to the parks to get their attention and exercise. The children stay at home in front of a screen watching TV or playing video games. The sedentary way in this way is a term that affects the health of the whole family.

"For these reasons, diabetes is progressively increasing, adding to this About 30% to 40% of diabetics currently in Peru are not diagnosed because they are a silent disease. The person understands it when it has a leg, kidney or eye problem, "warns Calderón.

Diabetes has gone from another 21st century illness, but it is among the first conditions that are most harmful to human health. According to the president of Adiper, it is The main cause of leg amputation due to diabetic foot? It is also the main reason for hemodialysis in Peru and the world. Another aggravating factor is that it has become the leading cause of blindness due to retinal detachment.

"Two of the third parties of diabetics are going to die because they have cardiovascular diseases either myocardial infarction or stroke, "adds Calderón.

Peru needs to learn the precautionary measures of neighboring countries

Some South American neighbors have coordinated strategies for treating diabetes in their populations. Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil These are countries where the state is responsible for diagnosing diabetes across the population.

"They evaluate every three years to see the glucose level, carry out studies on the prevalence of diabetes at population level. Chile also has a kind of disease inventory and better access to medicines. In Argentina, the state supplies the glycometer machine to their patients, "says Calderón.

Clinto Delgado's special endocrinologist, Alberto Quintanilla, advises that the person eat healthy and perform 150 minutes of physical exercise a week, in line with the WHO recommendation. That's because overweight and obesity These are the main causes of diabetes in Peru and the world.

Jorge Calderón de Adiper states that if the person has one of the following conditions, he must be done an annual glucose diagnosis to prevent diabetes: be over 40 years of age. Being overweight or obese. history of diabetic relatives; women who have delivered babies with more than 4 kg and women with gestational diabetes.

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