Monday , October 3 2022

Roma defeat CSKA Moscow and lobby Real Madrid for champions | ELESPECTADOR.COM


The Italian side with Kosta Manola and Lorenzo Pellegrini defeated the Russian side and reached nine points, which brought them closer to the round of 16.

The Roma have stepped up their leadership in the Champions League's G group on Wednesday with an Italian victory against CSKA Moscow (1-2), which today had all the stars against and put pressure on Real Madrid.

One goal from Manolas at the beginning of the fight and another from Pellegrini at the beginning of the second half condemned the Moshovites, who could not resume their victory a month ago with Real Madrid on the same scene, an almost complete Luzhnikí.

In this way, the Italian team will receive the white squad in two weeks at the Olympic Stadium, which is currently playing at Victoria Plzen's home, the leading position at stake.

The Roma did not find the absence of captain De Rossi, who was injured in the Napoli Championship, which was solved by Nzonzi and Pellegrini.

Instead, the Russians could not find a substitute for the creativity of the injured Dzagóev and the impulse of Mario Fernandes, who now had to move away from the injured few minutes after the jump in the field.

They could not start things better for the Roman team, since within four minutes they opened the score on the way from a corner by Manolas, the final quarter-final hero against Barcelona.

Afterwards, the central Greek center made the defense and the goalkeeper-Akinfeev left slowly and badly in the first place and scored the first goal of the match.

In addition, in a demonstration that was not the day of the Russian Army team, Mario Fernandes, one of his major players, had to leave the field five minutes later after receiving a massive knee on Kolarov's head.

The CSKA accused the strike and only the Croatian Vlasic, the revelation of the equipment this season, woke up with a long shot at 18 minutes from the start.

Since then, the Muscovites have advanced to the lines and pushed the ball out, but their attacks were drowned at the edge of the large area.

Meanwhile, the few times the Italians looked at the opposing frame put their hearts on a punch of Russian fans, as when Florenzi flooded after a pass from Dzheko when he only faced Akinféev.

The best Russian opportunity was in Obliakov's boots, another big promise of the 20-year-old CSKA who received the ball in the area after a good local combination, made a pipe to Manolas but needed an eternity to shoot and the Rejection was Head from Schénnikov above the cross.

The second half started with a good game from the Italians and a dangerous shot by Dzheko cleared by Becao, but shortly after CSKA put the tables on the scoreboard.

It was a game of Akhmétov, who endured the defenses of defending the defense and hit a pass in the area where the young Icelandic striker Arnor Sigurdsson was ahead of his mark and hit Olsen with a low shot. 51)

The Russians already promised joy, but almost immediately the Icelandic Magnusson made a serious mistake to knock down Kliuvert, take a second yellow and leave his team with ten at the worst moment.

The Italians smelled of blood and for three minutes they took advantage of the absence of one of the Russian central to score their second goal.

A lost score from Cristante on the edge of the big area was converted into a goal pass for Pellegrini, who defeated Akinféev in his desperate outing. (min.59)

From there, the Italians were saying the ball and tied the brave but infinite Russian team, which started the tournament well with a draw in Victoria's home and a historic victory over Real Madrid (1-0) but lost since then.

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