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The Hubble Telescope captured the “Dangerous Dance” of the two united galaxies



October 12, 2021 15:27 GMT

NASA explains that such gravitational forces between galaxies are common and part of galactic evolution.

NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) Hubble Space Telescope have captured an “dangerous dance” of two galaxies in contact with the US space agency.

These are two spiral galaxies 100 million light-years from Earth: NGC 5953 (pictured below) and NGC 5954. Scientists have given them a common name because they are “very introverted”: Arp 91.

Arp 91 is an example of a particularly galactic interaction. The picture shows this Taken from NGC 5953, NGC 5954, Clarifies to NASA. The U.S. space agency said that “the large gravitational pull of the two galaxies makes them interconnected,” adding that such interactions are “common” and “an important part.” galactic evolution“.

It also explains that spirals can cause collisions between galaxies formation of other galaxies, known as ellipticals. But these massive and extremely powerful compounds occur on a time scale hundreds of millions of yearsNASA, we should not expect the Arp 91 to look different in the near or medium term.

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