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The real Cartagena hits Cortuluá | THE GENERAL


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Real Cartagena defeated three goals from one at Cartuluá in the match for the sixth round of the semi-finals of the Águila tournament, which both played on Wednesday at the Romelio Martinez stadium in Barranquilla.

Juan Salcedo, Jean Pineda and Jorge Obregón noted the great variety of Cartagena, while Feiver Mercado, a discount from the tulueños.

With this result, the Cúcuta Deportivo and Unión Magdalena teams secured their ranking in the first A of Colombian football.

Cortuluá was the one who set the pace in the first minutes of the game but was not productive. One because it was not effective in the last pass and second because Real Cartagena's defense was nice, controlling the spaces.

The most dangerous game of the Valle del Cauca team was a shot at the scorer of the central goalkeeper John Figueroa, who cut him off with the stomach and the game had to stop for several minutes.

After the 30th minute, Real Cartagena began to pull the sides and put their own lines a bit. At one of these pressures he made a mistake back and the ball was recovered in the middle, Obregón received the ball and Juan José Salcedo gave him to the man who arrived in the area and before the goalkeeper Guillermo Gómez left in the back for 1-0 for Real Cartagena, when 32 minutes of the game remained.

Cortuluá did not react and Real Cartagena grew up and 42 minutes won the second goal through Jean Pineda before Carlos Pájaro crossed to the right.

With 2-0 in favor of Real Cartagena, the teams began to rest.

For the second time, Cortuluá decides to enter Mayer Candelo for Juan Campo. A change that gave more clarity and approached in the first few minutes, as the auction of Guillermo Murillo outside the area that demanded John Figueroa, who sent the ball into the corner.

The impetus with them arrived at Cortuluá Real Cartagena, which caused a goalkeeper John Fingorora to Guillermo Murillo. At 55 minutes the Feiver Mercado, was responsible for the collection and put the 2-1 and the game tightened.

Murillo had two chances to tie the game, but John Figueroa stood as a figure, stopping the shots going to the net.

Real Cartagena reshaped the pattern and the detachment was removed, subtracting Cortuluá's pressure. In one of these exits on the left side came the third goal of Cartagena, this time in the boots of Jorge Obregón, Juan Gonzalez passed.

Cortuluá made other changes that allowed him to come closer to Figueroa's goal, which was re-used to avoid dropping his goal, such as Jonathan Muñoz, who was on his way to the net.

It was a worthy triumph for Real Cartagena, who did things well and better on the pitch throughout the 90 minutes.


Here is the summary of the game for the sixth date of the Eagle tournament semi-final that played on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the Romelio Martínez at Barranquilla, Real Cartagena and Cortuluá.


Stage: Romelio Martínez

Referee: Casanare.

Arbitration assistants: Alejandro Gallego (Caldas) and Heiberth Calvo (Bogotá).

Help: It was not your minister.

Ticket Office: Not provided.


Real Cartagena: John Figaro. Carlos Pajaro, Camilo Ceballos, Orlando Osorio, Yoon Mesa, Yulián Gómez, Jean Pineda, Yesid Caro. Juan José Salcedo; Jorge Obregón and Xavier González.

Changes: Julián Mendoza by Yesid Caro (64 '), Germán Meza by Xavier González (69) and Cristian Osorio by Jorge Obregón (72).

Technician: Ricardo Parra.

Goals: 1-0: Juan Salcedo (32 & # 39;); 2-0: Juan Pineda (42 & # 39;); 3-1: Jorge Obregón

Yellow: González.

It disappeared: There was not.

Cortuluá: Guillermo Gómez; Mateo Puerta, Kevin Rojas, Duvan Viáfara, Jonathan Muñoz, André Colorado, Juan Campo, Guillermo Murillo, Hugo Palacios, Lucas Sotero and Faiver Mercado.

Changes: Juan Cancola (46 '), Miguel Medina by Guillermo Murillo (64) and Yeison Moreno by Lucas Sotero (81).

DT: Álvaro Hernández.

Goals: 2-1: Feiver Mercado (penalty shootout) (55 ').

Yellow: Viáfara, Porta.

It disappeared: There was not.

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