Sunday , May 28 2023

Venezuelan politicians say farewell to the famous Petkoff editor


The personalities, friends, family members and intellectuals of Venezuelan political life paid tribute to the famous editor and to the leftist politician Teodoro Petkoff, who died on Wednesday for 86 years and is characterized by Chavismo's criticism.

During the events in the chapels of the eastern cemetery of Caracas, the parliament, which has been an opposition majority, has recognized a praise for those who are "great Venezuelans".
"On behalf of the Venezuelan people, we wanted to thank Mr Teodoro Petkoff, an eternal Venezuelan, a Venezuelan, who will be an example for the new generations, a man who has lived according to his principles and has become a vertical one," said the National Assembly (Parliament) Omar Barboza, journalists Members of Parliament who stressed that Petkoff was "a great brilliant journalist and writer" kept a minute's silence and recalled the various accusations Petkoff was in the political life of the country. "Head of the Movement for the Soviet Union (MAS) and founder of the Congress of the Republic of Venezuela between 1979 and 1989 to 1994, was a two-time presidential candidate, and Rafael Caldera (1994-1999) served as the Second Cabinet's Headquarters", stressed Parliament, politician who was a communist and guerrilla in his youth. 0 El Diario Tal Cual, Venezuelan media is one of Chavismo's most important and has been pressured by the then president of Hugo Chavez since 2003.
Among those involved in wake-up events, relatives were accompanied by two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, parliamentarians, Tal Cual's staff and ex-partners from the MAS party, from which he was disbanded when the organization supported the current Chávez political newspaper Xavier Coscujuela edited by Petkoff and the "excellent person" disapproval, while the politician's daughter, Irene, is his father cohesive person, courageous and integra.Sus relatives whose voice is broken as his secretary, Azucena Correa also stressed that she is a person, who expressed his opinion and expressed it expressly. "Learning People have been with him for forty years, he was a honest man," Correa said, waiting time is expected to end at 18.00 GMT (22.00 GMT) and later his counterfeiters are betrayed, Petfokk, who has been a delicate health condition since 2012, journalist of Ortega y Gasset in his home in Caracas at the hands of former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González in 2015 The reporter could not leave Spain when he protested that he had left the country in 2014 to publish a new article in the Wall Street Journal linking Chavismo Diosdado Cabello with his strong man on drug trafficking, to which Cabello has filed a lawsuit against Tal Cual, who has opposed this situation and the problem of newspaper access against ten accusations. February 27, 2015, and today is a digital media. All in all, the Venezuelan government expressed its "heartfelt condolence" by the Petkoff amilo, a move Cosciviela said "despite the harassment of the newspaper, must be recognized." Mr Maduro's gesture has to be recognized, but the persecution has remained, the trials are open, harassment has been frequent in recent years, so, he said.

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