Friday , February 3 2023

An armed robber raided a store in Prague. The police caught him on the bus


Police heard the announcement of the attack on Wednesday evening with the number 158 ambulance. The incident was supposed to take place in a grocery store on U Slavie Street in Prague. “The saleswoman, fearing for her life, gave him several thousand crowns from the cash register and the man fled,” said police spokesman Daněk.

Police sent several patrols to the scene, one of whom went directly to help the abducted woman. Although shocked, he was able to describe the bandits relatively well. Police provided details.

“Minutes after the attack, one of the patrol officers of the emergency motorized infantry unit saw a man running from the bushes on Bělocerkevská Street at the bus stop. The man was wearing only a short-sleeved T-shirt. described.

Arrested on the bus

The patrol only saw the man for a while, but was impressed by some of his features, and after checking with his colleagues in the store, he confirmed that he was probably the man he was looking for. Police were watching the bus on which the man was riding and asked for help from several other patrol services as he was still likely to have a gun. The people on the bus were detained together under the threat of armed weapons.

“The 31-year-old confessed to the robbery, handed over the stolen money to the police and showed where he threw his pistol and the tops he wore during the attack. The man is on trial for robbery, which has already been sentenced to ten years in prison,” Danik concluded.

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