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Bill Nighy in the love of the sky is said to have fulfilled the role of rock idiot


Update: 15.11.2018 17:22

Prague – One of the reasons why English actress Bill Nighy won a role in Love Heaven was the fact that the creators were not looking for a god rock but for a stupid rock. Therefore, they did not even want to sing for the reading test. The representative of eccentric rocker Billy Mack told CTK today his meeting with journalists at Prague's multi-cinema, where he presented the beneficial projection of heaven's love.

The romantic Love Heaven movie won the Empire 2004 Award for Best British Film. That same year was the most desirable DVD at British rental companies. Richard Curtis's Christmas comedy, according to film critics, is one of the best romantic movies of all time. "In the UK, they say love in the sky before the Queen's speech, I think when I die, my grave will read" Children do not buy drugs, they get famous and you get them for free, "recalls Nighy the famous film.

Eighty-year-old actor does not look at this picture at Christmas. "I prefer football on vacation and I will not be on TV on Christmas Eve," he said.

Billy Mack's role was originally won by another, more famous actress, whose name Nighy did not say. "For some strange reasons, he finally gave me," said Nighy, who was awarded the British Orchestra Award for best female actor for the role.

The song "Christmas is all around," which Nighy in Heaven really sang, was released in Britain as a single and also on a soundtrack. It is a remake of The Trooggs band and has already appeared in four weddings and a funeral from Wet Wet Wet. The movie clip for Bill Mack is a parody of the hit by Robert Palmer, who is addicted to love, where he is also surrounded by muddy girls.

In 2017, a ten minute film called Red Nose Day Actually, where the actors met after 13 years not to celebrate Christmas celebrations but to support the British charity day for Red Nose Day. Billy Mack tells him in a radio interview that his director, Joe, died of a heart attack and several of the Kardashian sisters known for the reality show Keep in step with the Kardashians. "The next sequel to" Sky Love "does not happen, even if the filmmakers want it, but Richard Curtis avoids them," he said.

Nighy can also see the audience from the Pirates of the Caribbean series where he portrays Captain Davy Jones from Flying Dutchman or Harry Potter as the new Rrisch Brousk, the spy minister. Now, among other things, he turns the Pokémon movie. "It's sixty Pokemon and I, you know the Pokémon is a total of 820, but it's not enough for the money," he said with his typical humor. "If you have children or you are secret supporters of Pokémon, you will like it."






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