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Halina was baptized like StarDance: The writer talked about love and sex


November 7, 2018 10:07

"The dresses are from my collection and my daughter Natalie," she said about the little one, but in the case of a little bigger, black. But the headband was handmade. "I liked StarDance, where I just laughed but immediately fell into my eyes, so I did not run and searched for the manufacturer." She came to me from the mail that was distributed to the parties, so I really did her hand, "she boasted with her skills .

Of course not only the dress, but also her new book. "It's hard not to repeat myself This book is about a woman who can not sleep when her husband in a double room of the hotel cuts in. And if she can not sleep, everything that happened during her time is known to happen in it, "he said.

Again, of course, we can find common autobiographical features with Halkina. "It's a half past. It was an ugly thing for me, it was a beautiful thing I invented," laughed Pawlowski. A slogan that includes the book says: If you want to love well, you have to make love. How does Halina look like? "Either love or sex has to be done," he says.

It can be said both. "It is tightly connected, somebody chooses the sophisticated side of things, they have to do a lot of work and they want a lot of effort and hope, and when they choose sex, they have to be physically fit, no one is easy, let alone putting it together," he concluded. Halkina, knowing only that she was unaware of the mistakes she had made in her relationship.

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