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Not calc, these songs do not play the radio, Rybičky 48 says about the new album


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"Originally, it was supposed to be the classic best hit, so ten songs for the last few years and a new single addition, but a little has come to us so we sat in what the radio said, and they all got their own song and maybe they sing it, it's more for us than for people, "says the singer of Cuba Fish.

And it's a rich record. Lolita is a bit like the music that was written, although Ryba laughed at copying the American Mötley Crüe. Buddhism for Barnabas is a strictly childish song, and drummer Ondrej Štorek wrote it about his young son. For the song It's hard to deny the inspiration of the songs to the first impression that I do not thank you, get out of the Wanastowi Vjecy band. A Retro vajajajna is without debate Horkýže Slíže.

"It's just clear that if we enjoy it on stage, we usually transfer it to people and also have fun," says guitarist Petr Lebeda.

Pisces on the boat We still enjoy it, we repeat it, do not. At the same time, the listener probably does not believe that their standard production is the result of the software. "Yes, we try to play for joy altogether, but some crap will break our throat. When we sing – It's summer friend and I have everything in Peytchi, so everyone knows what should be there, but if he does, the song will not play the radio, and think about it, "says Fish. "I will not even sing the first version of the songs before," he adds.

However, the band was not confined to their "cups". For example, in Lolita, she sings in very young girls, and at the same time in Retro, she calls a mature woman. "So it was here, but it was a big joke." When I wrote Retro Vajaine, I knew the text would not have liked everyone, so I had to make the second edition that the young girls are big, "laughs the fish.

It is worth mentioning, in essence, the protests at the first impression. "I have always tried to keep the politics out of the band, and now I think it's time to talk and there is not such a lot of words, but I tried to write a text so that people can relate to a policy that does not matter. to encourage people to stop complaining, but they are interested in things and involved in the involvement of citizens, "says Fish.

The band will begin a tour in Limerick on Friday, which will include the birthday concert on November 22 in the Grand Hall of Lucerna in Prague and the 15th December the baptism of the boat in the Brno Hall in Vodova. "It will be our biggest concert. Last year, four thousand people came to Fora Karlín, there would have to be about 500 more," says Lebed.

Pisces want to grow concerts rather gradually. "This year we had a break for the first time in our lives, then we played two concerts for five hundred people. The next one was a beast with a giant podium where I suddenly felt she did not even belong there," Fish remembers.

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