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ONLINE: esko – Kosovo 2: 0, soon gl Sejka, Gabriel rises before the break


After these passes, they have 9 points and a score of 6: 0. They keep a table in front of Albni, who will play a game. In a special duel, coach Jan Suchoprek’s coaches increased the score by 4: 0 and defeated the Slovenians with a score of 1: 0. Adam Gabriel solved everything in Kosovo in the first half.

ONLINE: Esko – Kosovo

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Coach Suchoprek told the press conference, of course, that the task is to manage these routes by earning 100% points in prices and to create a good starting position for the November match.

The entrance to England in the meeting was a favorite of Group G for 11 years and revenge for Slovenia.

EC U21 qualification

Group G 12. 10. 2021 18:00

zpas probh

10. Sheikh
38. Gabriel


Kov Gabriel, Vitk, Knapk, Fukala Kalo (C), ulc, ambrek Karabec, Sheikh (46. Fila), Ostrk

Nreca-Bisinger A. Hoti, Kurtulus (C), Zumberi Krasniqi, F. Hoti, Kryeziu, Lushaku, Hoxha Diamant Berisha, Marleku

Jaro erv, Fila, Jursek, Koht, Koubek, Krunert, Selnar, Solil

Besson Dion Berisha Limani, Pajaziti, Pllana, Sadiku, Tahiri, Veliu, Zeqiri

card bear:
22. Beautiful

card bear:

Decision: G. Leibovitz N. Dotan, T. Adi (ISR)

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