Tuesday , October 4 2022

Packages before they are bought, Česká pošta needs 5 thousand brigádníků – ČT24 – Česká televize


Thanks to low unemployment, according to a spokeswoman for Matyáš Vitík, robbers are not looking easily. Private messenger services have already lost the last dozen trappers.

"We have started the recruitment of brigades for this pre-Christmas operation in September. We are looking for a total of five thousand brigades and four thousand deals have already been completed," said Matyas Vitík, a spokesman for the Czech Post.

With a shortage of staff, the mail interacts throughout the year, and in the pre-Christmas traffic, with the crowds experiencing the greatest attack, their need grows even more. According to a spokesman, at the end of November last year there was a record 340,000 missions in one day and is expected to increase further this year.

"We estimate that the number of packages delivered in one day exceeds 350 thousand," said Vonick. Immediately after the previous Christmas, when the packets failed to deliver, the post office decided to solve the situation with a significantly higher number of brigadiers than last year. "In 2016, we were looking for 3000 brigades, that's about two thousand more brigades this year," he said.

The interest is for the courier, the office and the driver

Although, according to Vikic of Czech Post, traffickers for pre-Christmas traffic continue to look good, he admitted that with very low unemployment this is a difficult task. The mail for this season is still looking for about a thousand people. According to Mr Vitík, campsites should develop gradually from September to the end of December. These are mainly the guides, the messenger, the staff on the counters, or the workers who work in the mail. The lack of staff tries to solve the mail, for example, with the temporary transfer of part of the administrative staff.

The pre-Christian offensive is also scheduled for private carriers, for example DPD, according to Miloš Malaníka's general manager, is being prepared for the season since the summer. "We expect an increase of 70% in the number of packages compared to the year, so we will increase the number of couriers that will reach 1100 from the current 900," he said. At the same time, he added that although brigade is trying to search all year round, the company must be ready for this Christmas peak.

"We have joined the new staff and customer service line, which together with 1100 courier seems optimal," said Malanik. In addition, the company has opened more than 750 stores, opened a new warehouse and increased the production capacity of the existing ones. All this should facilitate the resolution of Christmas.

PPL is also preparing for a record number of parcels moving before Christmas. During November and December, there will be up to seven million missions, an increase of 10% over the previous year. In the high season, the PPL occupies hundreds of new employees and brigades. That new brigades find it difficult, confirmed Hana Nitrova, company representative. "The complications are mainly in Prague, where couriers and operators are missing." At the same time, however, he added that only ten billion workers and officers lack the optimal situation.

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