Wednesday , October 5 2022

Prague Trampoline Center has fallen –


The ceiling of a 30×20 meter room has fallen. The firefighters did not have to evacuate the building, reported Prague firefighters Martin Kavka.

The fire fights various units of professional and volunteer firefighters. "Firefighting is done from outside the building, the roof of the room crashed," said Kavka on Twitter.

"The South Shield wall is very threatening to drop into an adjacent garage building, we are withdrawing to defend the car service," said Kavka. According to him, the center was unused for about three weeks.

Fire at the trmapoline center

Fire at the trmapoline center


Firefighters are also helped by police officers who correct traffic and provide firefighters with access roads. There is also a rescue service with a special Atego car. "So far, we have no information that there are injured people in the area," said the emergency rescue service on Twitter.

A dense smoke emerges from the burning building. "There is no danger at this point, but we also encourage residents to restrict the ventilation of their homes on the site," the police said.

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