Thursday , June 8 2023

Protect the word? It will be only dinner, warns the new trainer Svdk


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I do not want to be in the rankings. I think my thoughts are the first bitter, "Swank said at a press conference following a meeting with Liberec, after which the Slovaks were left behind.

You stopped looking. Was it in him, would he just be a therapist on the bench?
I did not prepare myself, I did not see all week and it was too much to do. The trainers, who brought the previous ones, were hiking. Ns ek gave his job.

Return to Jihlava when leading the second league. With what feelings?
It's because it's off. For a championship type train, the bag will be rewarded when it receives a first league offer. My word has spoken in all directions. It works with it as it is.

Just like last winter in Jihlava, but grab the game to save. No Stress?
No. Soccer is big because it is mm rd. It's mine. On the other hand, what would you lose when I got this thing? We put it in Jihlava, the rescue would not succeed. We will all do our best to do it in Slovakia.

Does Slovakia have the greatest pride in resisting?
Of course, over the house. But I will leave these things to myself. I have some experience with this. We are in a similar situation as last year in Jihlava. It will be just dinner.

Will it be necessary to send a must?
It's one of the variants. During the winter season, we will need to swap seats, do ez in the dark, dt push and the steps and departures. But you are the last of these Latton bikes in front of us and we have to stay to achieve what we want.

Los is a dramatic one. You will be in Ostrava, then spit on Sparta.
We can not choose the championship. The Soups, such as the Bank or Sparta, will be more than Teplice, with which we have lost our home. I have to do the same thing in kad utkn. I wonder if he is tet, Sparta or Slaia. Every time I go to the night I want to win it. This is the way the reindeer is set, and that must be the penm.

Martin Sv

Martin Svdk has a football match against Jihlava.

the eight-day truce in Liberec?
Urit. I do not think it would be for me not the utkn championship. It is the road to Europe. I want to know the character hr, the character must. Let's get to know him better.

Do you make changes to reports?
Nothing bothersome. I do not like making great successes. I mean, it would make all the encoded data do not forget.

Slovakia was able to make its own awareness of what the rule is here. Was that your situation?
It's a good idea for people, though the situation was. But we're here with Peter (Pojezn, f Slovka) They did not talk, they were so human. Rd I work with the people I have and that are used to my requests. Honza Palinek is associated with Slovka, which I know at Ostrava Bank.

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