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Restore the inscription "21. August FOOD" in Adršpašské rocks was not a crime –


The inscription on the rock appeared this year around 21 August, when the Czech Republic resembles 50 years since the occupation of the Warsaw Pact troops.

Police officers have been investigating the offense since September as a foreign offense offense and have started criminal proceedings, have now reclassified the offense.

"Police investigations found that the inscription on the rock was made of material that was not harmful to the environment and was not the cause of material damage." The inscription itself removed the amateur volunteers during the investigation. the case with the fact that no crime was committed in the case, but it is a misdemeanor. We handled it to the Nature Protection Service of the Czech Republic in the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area, "police spokeswoman Eva Prachařová said.

At a height of 60 meters

The writer must have been a climber because the inscription was about 60 feet tall. The height of the work was about 1.5 meters wide and about five meters wide.

Inscription on Adršpašské rocks in Náchodsko on the rock

Inscription in Adršpašské rocks in Náchodsko on the rock "Milenci".

PHOTO: Police of the Czech Republic

The National Nature Reserve Adršpach Rocks is a smaller part of the Adrspach-Teplice rocks, which is the largest integral rock town in the Czech Republic. Some rocky formations are known among tourists, for example, lovers or the mayor and the mayor.

Lovers had the same inscription in the past. The climber, publisher and guide author Pavel Lisak in the High Game book stated that the original inscription appeared just one year after the occupation on August 21, 1969 and painted two naval mountaineers. According to witnesses, it took several days for public security to succeed "21. August FOOD" remove. None of the clown climbers should first be removed.

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