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Review of Buddy Guy's concert at Lucerne's Great Hall in Prague


How can you play on an electric guitar? Seeing yesterday in the sold great Prague Lucerne Hall: a sleeve, towel, shirt, shin, teeth, even one end.

For these and other tricks, the American blues guitarist Buddy Guy was applauded by his first visit to the Czech Republic. Funny with an audience, and then in the song for someone else is Steppin In, he went down and played with the guitar in the middle of the room. Let the crowd sing with him. He has fun with his stories and jokes, he was quick to break the string on the guitar, and the subject was named by the couple.

An opportunity to listen to the last black bluesman who grew up in a plantation in the isolated US and gradually survived by his older colleagues, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, and last month Otis Rushe, appeared in Prague within five minutes, twelve. The guy is eighty-eight years old, slower to go, sometimes needing help with the guitar. Fortunately, she still plays and plays well. And unlike B. B. King, who had to sit down during his last visit to the Czech capital in 2009, guy with the guitar is still on the stairs.

"I do not choose where to go because it took you so much to call me?" he exclaimed yesterday provocatively, maybe he really does not know that local blues concert organizers from Prague to Šumperk have been inviting him for at least ten years, only the star of his form does not yet have enough money.

And this Buddy Guy deserves every dollar: it is the personalization of the electric chicagual blues he had played with the well-known Wells or as a comrade in the unforgettable Chess Records studio in the 1950s before the arrival of rock music. Guy has lived in Europe for almost all his life, and in the 1970s and 1980s he was even more demanding than in the United States where rock and later disco dominated. But it was Czechoslovakia behind the iron curtain. And when Guy changed hands, Guy won recognition in the US: his most commercially successful season dates back to 1991 when he released Damn Right, I have the Blues.

It was the title song from this guitar that started the Prague concert yesterday, which seemed to be somewhat surprised by some Guy's entertainment. It was not so much an actress, but the strange habit of bluesman playing last year dozens of pieces of famous songs.

The audience received about half a minute of Hoochie Coochie Man's classic blues, is nine years old, cheaper to hold or what he said from Ray Charles or Boom Boom with the typical imitation of John Lee Hooker. But did anyone in the room have to prove that Guy is "also capable"? If he preferred to choose one of them and play them all, the concert could be more tedious.

Guy's defense: The delivery of showers, entertainers, circuses is of age and reaches at least Charlie Patton, who had a guitar behind his head or played a stroke on the plantations before his death in the thirties. And Buddy Guy defines the "you want to play, you have to have fun" equation in the 1950s when he had to shout and catch a mighty crow in Chicago chickens, often the blacks who come back from the factory for night shakes.

That's when he started playing guitar on the table or playing it with teeth, as he did in Prague yesterday. Guy I guess is that this guy obviously admired Jimi Hendrix, who in 1967 shines and dropped his guitar at the Monterey Festival for a change.

Guy's concert in Prague started with Damn Right, I have Blues.

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But back to the point. The best of Buddy Guy's last concert came in songs that were all: Cognac from this year's album or Skin Deep, an impressive and current local song for not being skinny because everyone is down there. For this composition, Guy in Lucerne brought a charming, tuned sound to a "syntactic" sound electric sitar.

Most of the performances were played on the famous Stratocaster guitars, with remarkable results and no impact – on the podium, the guitarist had a so-called wah-wah pedal, popularly known as "favorite", and enjoyed only the small imitation of Jimi Hendrix.

Otherwise, Guy formed his tongues with fragile, strong fingers, especially the bear's string, and in solos he often used the technique of tears and hammers until the elements of the instruments were shed and lost with the loud sound of organs. But that was Guy: wild action, emotionally preferring, whistling strings directly, the sound of most rock by technical guitarists. It was no accident that Guy was introduced to the Rock Hall of Fame for years.

In Prague, however, it was also attracted by somewhat total changes in dynamics – sudden transitions from noisy places to absolute silence, when the tone only shapes the movements of the left wrist, they do not count.

Guy's escorts have contributed to overall performance. The current band is about thirteen years old and has a funny story: they were playing at a club in Illinois tonight when they saw Guy once in the audience. All the prices were going to greet the famous guitarist, but they disappeared. A week later, she came again, heard again, and escaped prematurely. They felt disappointed – when he first appeared and took it without hesitation: "I'm Buddy, do not you want to play me on the band?"

They have been spilled and since then it is necessary for each other – as prayans have yesterday welcomed the song "It's Ninety Years", where Guy swiftly exchanges information with pianist Marty Sammon. Reliably, drummer Tim Austin played and Orlando Wright was anchored by bass, and the empty guitarist Ric Jaz paid the night with Guy playing all night.

My friend

Lucerne, Prague, 8 November

In a typical blond shirt, with a laced guitar on the floor, Guy was overwhelming, with a blob that was not trapped, and when he started some of the slogans, it was unacceptable.

Due to his old age, the concert was not awaiting the unprecedented performances. Instead of experiencing, seeing, listening, breathing the same air for a moment, perceiving the power that comes from the man who represents the last bond between early blues, 60th rock and today. From this point of view, everyone had to be happy with Buddy Guy. And that she played and sang so well in moments – it was a pleasure to hear.

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