Friday , August 12 2022

the fruit of apples is a record, but it is not poured


Apple's roots can be registered this year, but they are not cracked, they were poor and poor due to dry Latvian. Prices for the market fell to estin.

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The fruit of the apples was this year, according to the fruits and the olives, you were not lost. However, because of the dryness of the lime, the apples have suffered or have been damaged. That's why the apricot purchase price has a lot of fruit. Last year, a kilo of apples were purchased for crowns. "This is crown crown this year, the crown ipod," said Ji Vojk, a Macak fruit manufacturer, for the esk radio. Although you have a lot of fools to open people to make apples a snack, they get the end of themselves. Pay brigdnky do not pay them. Apple species of the genus could be bt and opoline less expensive last year.

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