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The Prague selection opened today a Concert for the Future in Prague


Update: 17.11.2018 17:30

Prague – At Wenceslas Square in Prague this afternoon, Prague concert for the future began with Prague's choice. Until the evenings, the musicians and speakers will be on stage. The event, which is part of the Freedom Festival, watches thousands of people at the top of the square, others still come. Coordinators of the Concert for the Future 2018 are political commentator Jindřich Šídlo and actress Iva Pazderková.

Until 21:30 on the podium, according to the organizers, 17 musical formations and two dozen speakers will be replaced. In addition to Prague's choice, Prago Union will play, Barbora Poláková and Ondrej Ruml will also sing Juraj Šeliga, who is behind the campaign for bad Slovakia, or Lex Lexson, the author of the French election campaign President Emmanuel Makron, will appear to the speakers.

Part of the Concert for the Future program will be telework and TV shows with events organized in areas of the Freedom Festival and initiative initiatives. The live broadcast of the concert is broadcasted by the TV channel, whose report for his son Andrej Babiš launched protests against the Czech Prime Minister. The live stream is also streamed to Youtube and Facebook.

The aim of the Freedom Festival is, according to its organizers, to remind the events related to November 17, 1989. The aim of the festival is not only to celebrate the anniversary of the unruly revolution but also to "promote the democratic principles and values ​​of society the citizens".

The concert for the future, which took place on Wenceslas Square on November 17 and last year, was seen by some as a presidential campaign. Representatives have also often been set against Andrei Babiš and President Milo Zeman. The concert was also attended by Michael Horacek, who surprised the fact that he could not stand out like other presidential candidates Marek Hilšer, Pavel Fischer and Jiří Drahoš. The organizers earlier stated that the presidential candidates who chose the speakers "more embody the values ​​of 17 November".






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