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The royal family, celebrities and shame. Who was famous for the storm?


Some social events are sometimes associated with a set of rules of behavior that are difficult to follow. Who shakes hands first, how to approach the queen, what to say and what not to say. In some things, socialized celebrities are not clear.

Joe Biden (78)

English Queen Elizabeth II. (95) The US president and his wife were welcomed at Windsor Castle in June this year. First Lady Jill Biden (70). It did not go without a visible error. It was a very sunny day, so the US leader kept his glasses open. But 43-year-old Grant Harrold, an ethics expert and former royal governor, says that’s a mistake. The glasses have nothing to do with meeting the Queen! Eye contact is an important part of communication with the queen.


Joe Biden had to sacrifice comfort and take off his glasses

Michelle Obama (57)

The Queen of Britain is inviolable. This rule, of course Former First Lady of the United States broke and wrote about it in the book “My Story”. During a visit to Buckingham Palace in 2009, the two ladies spoke of how they had felt for a long time. uncomfortable heels. But during the conversation, Michelle Obama put her hand on the queen’s shoulder and only then realized that she was using a fake pass. Elizabeth II was not only concerned with physical contact, but even put her hand lightly on her back.


The queen didn’t care to touch, but it shouldn’t be right

David Beckham (46)

After Prince Harry’s wedding (37) Duchess Meghan (40) not only talked about how everyone came and how the bride and groom fit in, but also went into the media. former professional footballercoming with his wife Victoria (47). During the ceremony, he drew attention to himself by angrily chewing gum in the church.


The former footballer forgot to take out chewing gum for the ceremony

Allison Janney (61)

The American actress spoke about the difficult moments in the show “The Late Late Late Show” in 2018. He then recalled the BAFTA TV and Film Awards. The gala night was also attended Prince William (39) with Duchess Kate (39). She was pregnant with her third child. Actress Allison Janney took off her heels because she could no longer stand them. The Duchess called on Katie to do the same and escaped the “golden” call. Such a name, of course, does not belong to the Duchess of the area.


The American actress forgot who she was talking to

Lewis Hamilton (36)

The British Formula 1 driver and numerous world champions also made a mistake. The Queen of England invited him to dinner and sat next to him. She was lucky, but also very nervous. He later reassured himself during the conversation Elizabeth II. practiced a little. Lewis Hamilton immediately tried to stop talking to him, but guided him, saying that he would gradually look at the individual guests and start a conversation.


The driver received the Order of the British Empire from the Queen

Emma Thompson (62)

It may start in 2019 British actress Boast of a lady’s name. He took it from Prince William, whom he had known for a long time, and therefore allowed him not to follow the rules of protocol. William accidentally stabbed him in the chest. As a result, the actress made a loud noise entering the game Buckingham Palace did not match at all. During a conversation with the prince, he openly asked her: I can’t seem to kiss you, can I? And he crowned everything by wearing white shoes for the title ceremony. They were branded, but still.


The actress was accompanied by her husband Greg Wise to Buckingham Palace (55)

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