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We have many doctors at YES and it is unpleasant – News.cz


All the Members who left the meeting only informed journalists: "There is no comment".

After the two-day meeting, Parliament Speaker Faltýnek said: "We have many doctors, lecturers at the club. Our colleagues are embarrassed by how journalists paralyze the sick. It is unfortunate that journalists receive the views of the sick as fact and truth. "

"We said that our movement is clear from its chairman and supports him, on the other hand, he believes in the independence of the Czech police and justice," said Faltýnek.

Janulík: Let's have fun

MEPs did not even participate before the talks. "I do not know, I have now arrived," said Milan Hnilička, asks what awaits the meeting of the club.

"I'm waiting for fun, happy, smile on our lips, we'll be glad," joked Miloslav Janulík when he arrived. "You know what I said 30 years ago? I have no opinion on this issue," he added.

Without answering journalists' questions, Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová and Adam Vojtěch, head of the resort, went through the process. Transport Minister Dan Ťok merely stated that he had already said he would not comment on the open dossier.

"I will not comment on it, it is Mr. Babi's private affair," said Radka Max. Asking her concern for her cause, she said, "I will not react."

Colonel: YES MPs stand behind Babis. Clearly

The only one who commented on the case was Martin Kolovratník. He said the MPs are behind Babis. "Clearly, I have not heard from a colleague that he will change his mind," he said.

Babis says he has no specific questions. "We will wait for what we will learn," he said.

Martin Kolovratník before the meeting of the YES club

CSSD MP Babis spoke earlier

Club YES acted on Tuesday when Babis was on a foreign trip. He did not talk to the prime minister on Wednesday. Instead, he explained the case to members of the GCC coalition.

The head of the Group of Representatives Jaroslav Faltýnek repeatedly claims that all MEPs are behind Babis.

The whole case broke out on Monday night when the message list transmits a story to the young Andrei Babi. He told reporters that his father wanted to disappear from the Czech Republic due to the Čapí Nest case and was kidnapped from the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia.

Members of the YES before the Club

The young man wants to testify

Babis claims that his son is intellectually ill and left the Czech Republic voluntarily. The whole story is told by journalists to discredit him.

The opposition parties filed a motion to express suspicion to the Babis government and the prime minister called on them to abandon the case. The Senate joined them on Thursday when Bambisa called for his resignation.

On Thursday, the event was new. Andrej Babiš younger wants to testify in the case of his trip to the Crimea. He wrote it by e-mail to the news list. He wants to talk to the Czech police on the phone.

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