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9 Important information on weather conditions


9 Important information on weather conditions

An unstable meteorological wave hits all the governments of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Egyptian Meteorological Service expects the unstable weather to continue on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

9 Important information on weather conditions

Egyptian meteorologists have announced today that mid and low clouds continue throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.Pull low and middle Rainfall forecasts in the Red Sea, Sinai and the northern coastal chains.Rain There is a chance of rainfall in the face of the sea and the Cairo province. Today, during the day, mild weather prevails over the day during the day. Early in the morning, visibility decreases in the northern parts of the country to the north of Upper Egypt due to the water pipe.Watercolor In the case of wind, mainly northwest to moderate, it is triggered in the Mediterranean Sea, causing disruption in sea traffic. Experts predict that the temperature will be in Cairo 16 and the Governor of Al-Azmi 24. The expected temperatures of Sohag Great 24 and minor 13, Qena Great 25 and minor 14, Upper Aswan 26 and minor 15. Meteorological experts announced that expected temperatures of Marsa Matrouh 22 and minus 15, as well as the province of Alexandria Minor 14 and Al-Azmi 23.

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