Friday , August 12 2022

A total of 56 food defects have been identified in Gharbia


Under the leadership of Brig Gen. Mohamed Etman, the Department of Supply and Logistics in Gharbia, managed to launch a campaign against the markets, shops and factories in the governor's cities and centers on Saturday, resulting in the seizure of 56 supply violations, including counterfeit and corrupt goods,

General Brigadier Mohamed Atman, Director of Procurement Research at Gharbia, received a notice from the administrators on the results of the campaign, resulting in the seizure of 56 different violations, including selling more than price, price announcement, subsidized training Bread, Unrecognized, Damaged, Expired Items, and Weapon Handling.

The necessary records have been made available to all offenders and the relevant offices of the centers and departments have been notified.

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