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FilGoal | News Al Ahli wins friendly against Walid Suleiman


Al Ahli's first club team won a friendly victory over the group's youth team, born in 1997 with a clean goal in the match played in the Nasr City field to prepare Al Wasl.

The formation of the first Ahli team in the friendly youth team in the first half came as follows.

Goalkeepers: Serif Irma.

Line of defense: Bashm Ali – Ahmed Alaha – Saat Shamir – Sabri Rahil.

Midfield: Hossam Ashour – Walid Suleiman – Islam Warrior – Mohammed Sharif – Ahmed Sheikh.

Aggressive: Ahmet Yasser Ryan.

The formation of group 97 came as follows.

Goalkeepers: Ahmed Tariq Sulaiman.

Khad Defense: Karim Yahya – Mississippi Amara – Mohamed Abdel Monheim – Ahmed Khattem.

Center: Amar Hamdi – Arab Brat – Mustafa Al – Batri – Mustafa Ezaz.

Promotion: Amr Barakat – Amr Gamal.

In the second half, Al-Ahly played with a group consisting of Sharif Ikrami, Karim Yahya, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Saad Samir, Rahil, Hisham Mohamed, Arabi Badr, Momen, Hamoudi, Miedo and Amr Gamal.

The only goal of the game and the victory of the Red team Walid Suleiman in the 17th minute of the first half, a penalty after blocking Ahmed Yasser Ryan in the penalty spot.

The match saw the injury of the Islamic warrior before the end of the first half with a bruise on the ankle that left the court and could not finish the meeting.

Al Ahly is preparing to travel to the UAE on Tuesday to prepare for Al Wasl next Thursday in the 16th round of the Zayed Club Cup.

Select the formation of Al Ahli in front of Al Wasl.

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