Friday , February 3 2023

Health announces the prices of the new Corona certificates and the colors of the health passport


The Ministry of Health and Population announced that vaccination certificates have been issued with the Corona virus vaccine, which has a QR Code, to ensure documentation and approval and to prevent fraud.

Corona health passport

The Ministry of Health instructed to coordinate with the Ministry of Communications the introduction of the electronic application “Egyptian Health Passport”, the circulation of an explanatory copy of the working method and mechanism of informing citizens. position to receive the vaccine.

Send to the Council of Ministers and to each of the Ministries of Higher Education, Education and Local Development for preparation for use in all workplaces and institutions that require implementation.

Corona health passport

The ministry said that the “Egyptian Health Passport” electronic application has a feature that shows the position of the vaccine in 3 colors.

Red color: –

Indicates that the person has not been vaccinated against coronavirus.

yellow color: –

Indicates that the person has only received the first dose of the vaccine.

green color: –

This means that a person has been vaccinated twice.

New prices to get approved certificates for coronavirus vaccination with QR code

Certificate worth £ 100: –

Issuance of certificates for those who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus using QR code technology, not for the purpose of travel.

Conditions for obtaining Corona certificates

Terms of release: –

Not only national number and passport information are written on it.

Certificate worth £ 250: –

Issuance of certificates to those vaccinated against coronavirus caused by QR code technology for travel purposes.

Terms of release: –

Make sure your passport and visa are not for tourism purposes.

Terms for obtaining new Corona certificates

Certificate worth 1000 EGP: –

Issuance of certificates for new corona vaccine holders using QR code technology for tourism purposes.

Terms of release: –
Make sure your passport and visa are for tourism purposes.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues to increase its preparedness in all governorates of the country, monitor the situation with the “emerging coronavirus” at first glance and take all necessary preventive measures against any virus or infectious disease. has allocated a number of means of communication to receive inquiries from citizens about the emerging coronavirus and infectious diseases. Available on phones and can be downloaded from the following two links:
Android version
iPhone version

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