Thursday , June 8 2023

Heavy rain continues Alexandria for the second consecutive day


Heavy rains continued in Alexandria and some areas of the northwest coast for the second consecutive day, affecting the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles, while traffic continued in Alexandria and Dehaila.

According to a source at the port office of Alexandria, ship and ship disembarkation operations at port berths, freight handling and goods unloading and handling of containers and trucks continued regularly and regularly.

Admiral Medhat Attia, head of the port of Alexandria, called on the authorities to pay attention to the entry and exit of ships in order to preserve lives and walkways.

The Government of Alexandria and its executive bodies have taken all the preparations for the disposal of accumulated water on the streets and fields and in the tunnels with the cleaning of Al-Shanayish to facilitate the passage of traffic and to strengthen the Alexandria Security Directorate for traffic services to achieve liquidity and non-congestion cars.

It is worth noting that Alexandria is exposed to the classroom "broom atmosphere" is a very rainy and lasts for 4 days, accompanied by winds northwest.

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