Monday , March 20 2023

Khaled Al Nabawi leads the Red Crescent campaign to donate blood


Khaled Al Nabawi, Egyptian Red Crescent Blood Bank Ambassador, today led the People to Both Campaign to donate blood for the Red Crescent from the Academy of Arts in the presence of the acting Captain Dr Ahraf Zaki, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Red Era Crescent Dr. Mamamna Kamel, Secretary General of Blood Banks Dr. Ehab Farra and many public figures and professors from various Academy institutes and Egyptian Red Crescent volunteers.

This is a continuation of a major blood donation campaign in all the provinces of Egypt, where artist Khaled Nabawi will move to provinces, mainly in Upper Egypt, as well as in various universities and youth gatherings to raise awareness and call for blood donation.

For her part, Dr. Muamna Kamel confirmed that Red Crescent is doing many activities and programs that are part of the "People for Both" campaign. Thanks to Khaled Al Nabawi for his participation in the campaign as an Egyptian Red Crescent Ambassador in various Crescent activities.

He explained that each donor of blood receives a voucher that can get blood for himself or one of the relatives of the first degree in case of a blood need.

For his part, Dr. Ashraf Zaki sent a message to the Egyptian people and university students about volunteering and conveys a message about the importance of blood donation to the Egyptian moon to help patients who need blood.

"The Academy of Arts is the Egyptian artists' factory and is the first place to take advantage of freedom and this must be the first place to use it, and its youth are models for donation.

Khaled Al-Nabawi was willing to attend the blood donors of the Academy and gave blood on October 20th during the Al-Hilal Blood Bank headquarters campaign and despite his desire to donate to an academy again, it takes 3 months for donation.

Khaled Al Nabawi thanked Dr. Mamamna Kamel for starting an initiative to deduct 20% for each donor carrying out analyzes from various laboratories, stressing that this confirms giving and good.

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