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Latest News – Egyptian police killing a lawyer while performing his work in the east


The Egyptian Bar Association issued a statement on Sunday that accuses the police force of killing one of its members in carrying out his work in Belbeis in Sharkia province last Friday. "The lawyer was killed when he was with Muklin (he was killed with him ) due to an open-plan sale contract, He did not have a gun or had an incentive to carry it ", responding to claims of the Ministry of Interior that the lawyer was killed during a fire exchange.

The lawyer said: "The dead lawyer is called Ahmed Sayyed Ne atullah Musa Hassan, 33, who is enrolled at the union's tables no. 529220 and is known for professionalism and moral commitment and has nothing to do with any political or party work. " It was the police who shot those three on the plot under contract, arguing that the other two dead wanted to. "

The Association condemned the lawyer's murder while staying with its customers on Barakat fruit trees in Belbeis as part of the completion of the plot contract, noting that the place where it was injured by a police fire is not a place for fire exchange, General Union to mandate its members: Karkab, Mamdouh Abdel-Aal and Adel Afifi, to take all legal action against the incident and bring an action against the Interior Minister.

The General Union has instructed Council members to follow prosecution investigations, listen to witnesses and supervise permission to bury the organization after completion of the autopsy and legal examination process following direct contact with the Attorney General of Zagashi, Mohammed al-Kadi. From the beginning of his communication, and will not lose a right, according to the statement.

The association noted the decision to suspend the work of all courts in Belbeis on Saturday and the success of the suspension in full co-operation with court judges, stressing that "what is so far and at least the murder of the victim who was not armed or reversed And the authorities did not commit any crime except the fire exchange, which is a justifiable justification of the criminal responsibility for the perpetrators. "

Deficient lawyer and trade unions (Facebook)

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The General Association of Lawyers stated that the co-operation would continue with the trade union to follow all the necessary procedures for the right to a fair punishment and to undertake all the legal procedures to achieve them. His family and lawyers colleagues across the country.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior has published a statement on its official website on the Facebook social network, stating that "the murder of the Criminal Element of Serious Risk (Mahmoud SS) and Gaddafi's reputation, and the prosecutor's decision to arrest and bring about" assumptions accompanied by two Army assistant armed with Kenana Belbeis police station land. "

The statement claimed that the targeting of the security forces of the victims where it stood came under the guise of their initiative to shoot a shootout on them if they see them. " They immediately exchange the same forces until they manage the situation and lead to the death of the accused and his assistants: His name is the Joker, unemployed, called Ahmed SN, who is unemployed in turn and lives in the area Al-Saadat of the center.

Following the repeated statements by the Egyptian Interior Ministry following the liquidation of some citizens who often proved innocent later, the police claimed three machine guns, 63 rounds, four shops, two grenades, and a white gun) And five mobile phones, the transportation of victims' bodies to the Belbeis General Hospital, and informing the prosecutor of the incident.

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