Tuesday , May 30 2023

"Meselhi": We received 2.9 million requests to add births to delivery cards


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The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Ali al-Musailhi said that strategic stocks of wheat are adequate for 4.3 months. The strategic reserve of sugar is 5.3 months, while the strategic oil reserve is enough for three months.

He added that the ministry has signed contracts for white rice by the end of December, pointing out that opening the contract for new quantities before the end of the contract a month ago (the ministry concluded rice every 3 months).

Al Mizelli explained that the ministry has received offers from 14 companies with high standards to date. Special samples were coded and transmitted to three research laboratories to ensure their safety and compliance with Egyptian specifications and Egyptian consumer preferences. Submit financial presentations, where a report will be written in tiny specimens to choose the best.

It recalled that the Council of Ministers set up a Committee of Ministries of Supply, Agriculture, Trade and Industry and representatives of certain parties to draw up a food security plan with a view to balancing land, crops and water so as to know the available size of the different crops, that the Ministry of Supply will cover any deficit.

He explained that the Ministry of Agriculture would end within two weeks of stocks, pointing out that the food basket represents 40% of the inflation rate, especially under the pressure of the economic shift in prices and if there is no discipline in the availability process, it will increase rate of inflation.

Regarding the process of correcting and importing data into the Military Production Department system, Maselhi explained that completing the data entry for small governments, while large governments recorded about 60% and expected to complete all incoming information in the middle next month.

He points out that the ministry has received about 2.9 million applications to add births to share cards and is expected to launch additions in January.

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