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Mohamed Fouad participates in the international conference on the shift to industrialization


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Referring to the place of the echo of the country, on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

Mohamed Fouad, a member of the House of Representatives, will take part in the International Conference on Transformation to Deindustrialism, to be held on Saturday under the auspices of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

Fuad said he was participating in the conference as a member of the expert committee to make recommendations for the development of the Egyptian industry, to reduce waste in factories and to reach the vision of Egypt in 2030. The conference aims to solve problems in business, And institutions to promote the industry to increase production and reduce damage and costs and increase profits.

Fuad stressed the importance Caution And training to improve quality and to create staff to meet the needs of the labor market, given the important role played by the human factor in manufacturing, sales, customer service and marketing, contributing to success or failure institutions.

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