Thursday , June 8 2023

On their world day .. Dietary tips for type I and II diabetes – Egypt now


Food Advice for Patients Diabetes is divided into two types, the first that affects the person in childhood and the patient is dependent on the kidney to take insulin and a specific diet according to the body's sugar and burn rate and health status.
Linda said the second type is caused by a decrease in insulin secretion due to fat deposition in the cells responsible for its production, which requires the need to control cholesterol and weight loss, and these patients are more affected by type I, Regularly on a diet appropriate to follow some of the edges and doses of the drug can be restored to their health and reduce the elimination of the end.
Linda offered a diet and lifestyle that helps diabetics avoid complications, diet, eating time, movement and exercise at least half an hour a day. The insulin dose is suitable for type 2 patients.

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