Tuesday , October 4 2022

"Our Lord Akram Egypt led by honest .. to save"


General Kamal Amer, chairman of the National Security Committee, warned of the rumors spread in Egypt, adding: "The state is working to promote Egypt."

"Some people dream of turning Egypt into a failed state and completing what happened in 2011, but they will fail," Amer said in a telephone interview with the independent project with Said Hassassin.

"The battle is now a battle of consciousness, and everyone has to trust his country and his sincere leadership, which God honored us to keep Egypt out of the hands of evil that they wanted on the Nile of Egypt."

He continued: "Rumor for the battle of each of us as the Apostle and the one who aimed at the responsibility of others and everyone has a role in this battle and we have to understand well that there are forces that hate him trying to extract rumors and confusion to influence the stability of the Egyptian people and the assurance.

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