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Sisi calls the name "Al-Nu Mani in the Renaissance Field" and Assa … Masrawy


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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Books – Mahmoud Ali:

On Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, many of the hot events took place: the first official statement was issued by the Kuwait parliament on the passage of MP Safah al-Hashim against the Egyptian people. The international departure of Al-Ahli club star Walid Suleiman.

Sisi calls the name of the Shata al-Nu mani witness in the Renaissance field

On Wednesday, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a public decree on the release of the witness, Brigadier General Sait al-Numani, at Nahda Square in Giza.

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The inside of the witness Satea al-Nu mani with an impressive poem:

On Wednesday, the Ministry of the Interior published a video on the official social networking site "Facebook", a video of a sadistic poem by witness Shateen Al-Nomani entitled "Farewell to Saat Al-Numani" by poet Abdullah Hassan.

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First comment by the President of the Kuwait National Assembly on the statements by Safa al-Hashem

Marzouq al-Ghanim, president of the Kuwait National Assembly, said his country would not allow anyone to undermine the relationship with Egypt or to break between the two countries.

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"Mfish complaint Ma Bechovahash" .. 10 letters and decisions of the Conference of the Minister of Supply

The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Ali al-Muselhi, held a conference on Wednesday to open the doors of complaints to citizens to discuss all complaints related to supply cards.

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Pope Tabander announces the postponement of church celebrations in November:

Pope Tagus the Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark announced the postponement of the church celebrations scheduled to commence from the following Sunday, coinciding with the inauguration of St. Mark's Cathedral in Abbasia.

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"We will not feel the danger." Head of "Meteorology" instead of Egypt's preparedness to deal with floods

Egypt is ready to face any floods in the country and citizens will not feel any danger, such as what happened in Kuwait and Jordan as a result of climate change, Ahmed Abdel-Al, head of the Meteorological Authority, said.

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"Arafat": the development of the transport system needs a "high budget"

The Lions Group organized a seminar for engineer Hisham Arafat, Transport Minister, during which he spoke about the modernization and development of the transport and communications system and the development of rail and metro.

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Mustafa al-Faki: The absence of social justice in education shakes the feeling of being

Political thinker Mostafa El-Feki said the concept of a central state began in Egypt through the three components and parts of the three countries, the land, the people and the government, pointing out that the notion of state in the Arab region is now being hit.

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The interior saves a lost family in a deserted region gathering

Police officers of the fifth battalion of the civil disobedience meeting met their children in a deserted area while returning to their homeland.

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Al-Houthi militias interrupted 5 ships at the port of Hodeidah and a ship at the port of Salif

The Coalition to Support Legitimization in Yemen carried out the Guatemala militia, responsible for stopping the entry and unloading of ships loaded with humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen.

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Two Israeli police authorities injured in a militant operation south of Jerusalem

A Palestinian man and two Israeli police officers were injured during an Israeli military invasion in the village of Jabal al-Mukaber, south of Jerusalem occupied.

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Macron responds to Trump's tricks: Allies respect each other

French President Emmanuel Makaron reiterated the comments of his US counterpart on Wednesday, saying that "allies" respect each other, AFP said.

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Sherine unveils her first concert after releasing the album "Nassai"

Sherine Abdel Wahab revealed her first concert after her album "Nasai" was released during her Instagram account.

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Video .. Ragheb Alama seeks to support his audience

Super Star Ragheb Alama, a video clip with his own "Instagram" account, announced the release of the new song "Ridley Kalamati", which will be released shortly.

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The first comment from the national team to my supporters regarding the decision to withdraw Walid Suleiman "internationally"

Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Naji confirmed that club player Walid Al-Ahly was free in his recent decision to withdraw from international football.

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Source: Ahli renews negotiations with Syrian defender

A source close to Syrian defender Ahmed Saleh, the Lebanese Pact player, the renewed Ahli club deal to conclude with him in the coming period.

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Kissos was crowned the World Cup gold medal in the fight

Mohamed Ibrahim Kiso won the gold medal at the World Under-23 World Championship in Romania.

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