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Starting tomorrow, banks will allow opening free savings accounts without customers



Saturday 16 October 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Masri:

Banks are opening for the fifth time this year to open bank accounts without a minimum requirement to open an account and to issue bank cards free of charge to new customers at no cost, starting tomorrow, Sunday and ending this month. , On the occasion of International Savings Day.

This is part of the Central Bank’s initiative to open a bank account for every citizen under the slogan of financial inclusion.

Since last Thursday, several banks have promoted their free activity in opening accounts and issuing bank cards on official social media pages or by sending instructions to branches.

The announced banks were the National Bank of Egypt, the Arab African International, the International Trade Bank, HSBC, Cairo, QNB, Banque Egypt, Med Bank and Al Ahly of Kuwait, and the remaining banks are waiting to announce their participation. .

As part of its financial inclusion initiative, the Central Bank organized six events for banks during the year, including International Women’s Day, International Women’s Day on April 1-30, and International Women’s Day on March 8-31. and a youth holiday on August 1-15 and a farmer’s holiday between September 1-15.

These events include the celebration of World Savings Day on October 15-31 and the celebration of Resolute People on December 1-15.

In addition to free and minimum account opening and issuing bank cards, banks offer free subscriptions to digital services such as mobile banking, Internet banking, smart wallets and prepaid cards (a feature). to ensure that new customers benefit from digital services and encourage them to pay for postage.

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