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The Library of Alexandria Launches "More Strong" Cancer Awareness Campaign


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The Library of Alexandria Launches "Somewhat Stronger" Cancer Awareness Campaign on Al Fajr's Web Site, Wednesday, 7 November 2018.

On 15 October, Bibliotheca Alexandrina will launch a campaign to raise awareness of breast, prostate and lung cancer in collaboration with several organizations, including the Pediatric Oncology Society, with the slogan "With Some Stronger".

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of preventing and timely diagnosis of these tumors, where the Library of Alexandria and Kate Kampani is illuminated and organizes a marathon for a distance of five kilometers, from the library to the castle.

Dr. Hisham al-Ghazali, a professor of oncology at Ain Shams University and president of the International Cancer Society, said the total number of new cases of cancer in Egypt reached 115,000 cases annually, which confirms the importance of awareness-raising campaigns, prevention and early diagnosis . In Egypt.
Points out that during the events it will broadcast worldwide disease information messages through the mass media and the social media, reflecting Egypt's ongoing efforts and ongoing efforts to eradicate cancer in general and breast cancer and cancer prostate in particular.

He added that breast cancer accounted for 25% of all new cases of cancer in Egypt and is the most common prostate cancer and lung cancer in men.

Al Ghazalli said that this year his office in Alexandria will be illuminated in blue for the sensitization of prostate cancer and the Qaitbay Acropolis in pink to sensitize breast cancer Thursday, November 15, a five-mile marathon will be held to confirm that the Government organizations along with civil society organizations, Your efforts are aimed at eliminating cancers that can be cured or avoided, and efforts have managed to deal with C virus.

He stressed that efforts should not be limited to sensitization and timely detection of tumors, but should include maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the patient, while avoiding obesity, reducing sweet drinks and increasing the content of vegetables and fruits with simultaneous Reduced red meat,, and salted foods and alcohol, noting that after these food tips the rate of recurrence decreases from the initial treatment and plays an important role in maintaining public health and avoiding tumors, stressing that the latest recommendations of the American Oncology Organization require that they be exercised for half an hour Daily Activated At Least.

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